Stone Lights Helps

It helps in diseases of the eye, gives calmness and stamina. CANCER (June 22 – July 22) Stones – Moonstone, emerald, cat's eye, pearls. Metal – silver. Moonstone – Stone for creative professionals. Helps to reveal talents, develop imagination, creative thinking. Attracts love and helps to awaken this feeling bright one who possesses it. This is the stone of love and harmony.

Special force, he becomes a full moon. Emerald – variety of beryl transparent green. "Stone Lights," "Green Ice". Owner brings good luck, health, eliminating the bad habits. Cleans house owner from evil, negative energy. Not tolerate rudeness and lies.

Cat's eye – a kind of chrysoberyl with glass glitter in appearance resembling the eye of a cat with an elongated pupil. Maintains the health, love attracts others. Suitable indecisive people, young people, as awakens in them faith in their strength, luck, gives eloquence. LEO (July 23 – August 23) stones – amber, topaz, chrysolite, olivine. Metals – gold, bronze. Amber – "Baltic gold" because it is mined mainly in the Baltic Sea. Protects them from evil spirits, lightning, fire, gives a person the strength and health. Widely used in various sacred rites. Wearing amber beads cleanses the body of toxins, helps with diseases of the eye, throat and ears. In the old days children clothes sewn necessarily amber beads to protect from harm. Peridot – protects against reckless behavior, bad dreams, treats stuttering and cold. Protects against fire, accidents, injuries. Can recover the joy of life and relieve boredom. Stores and marital happiness for people who lead active lifestyles. Topaz – "stone of psychologists." It helps to expose the intrigues to influence other people, enhances intuition. Women brings beauty cures for infertility, vision returns. Olivine – in ancient times was a symbol of the sun. Mood and self-esteem. VIRGO (August 24 – September 23) Stones – jade and carnelian.

The Process

As a result of his own work on her already well-known technique, it has established relations with her husband. And besides, in her life came to have long forgotten feelings and sensations of joy and completeness. She also met for a lot more surprising in the process of receiving a huge pleasure of seeing what was happening in her life. As a result of passing the training, you can: remove the constraints to change subconscious installation, blocking your ability to love ourselves, become the master their lives have a huge number of opportunities to feel its power, is in harmony with yourself and others, to implement their own plans and ideas, high income earners to be healthy and feel loved and to love, to establish a personal, family life, enjoy life, themselves and feel happy, constructive act in any stressful situations. Here are reviews of people who have been training my 'How to find himself and become success .. ' You can solve everything! 'I used to have failed badly in the emotions or depression, this takes a lot of time and effort.

Now, when I encounter a problem, I know it's not hopeless, and that when 'otstuchish', you see that the problem solved. Now I have confidence that we can all decide to remove any emotional background and sober to take constructive decisions. Fears were very bright. I was shaking in front of the aircraft. I tapped and released, and calmed down. And I felt cool and I'm not afraid. Technique gives the actual physical sensation that there is progress in life and more internal freedom, After working on the theme of 'forgive myself' something compressing and limiting element that was present before – was gone.

Back Massage

Collar zone massage the back of the neck under the back massage is meant primarily the trapezius, deltoid, rhomboid muscles and neck muscles. Study of intrinsic muscles (supraspinatus and infraspinatus for example) depends on the desired depth and time of massage session. Particular attention is paid to the base of the neck (area of the 7th cervical vertebra), which is a problematic place for many women. That's where a high concentration of blood capillaries of the correct operation of which depends on power cord. The presence of diseases such as hyper / hypotension, is also largely due to the well-being of this area is the back. Another problematic area is the area of the blades. This place is permeated with numerous nerve endings.

At this point, connect a few muscles. That's why so much trouble as clamped nerve speak in this place piercing pain. The vast majority of people especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, massage zone blades brings tangible relief. From one-time heavy loads suffer primarily shoulders. Therefore, massage his shoulders zone is especially important for good health the upper extremities. Leveraging the blood / lymph circulation in the area can relieve tension in the muscles of the hands.

Thoracic spine massage of the spine includes the elaborate diamond-shaped, broadest, and the oblique abdominal muscles other smaller muscles to be. Particular attention is paid to the paravertebral area of the spine (muscles and tissues surrounding the spinal column). This is a place of attachment of the surface of skeletal muscle from the spine. Massage these muscles gives a very useful effect in all respects. Due to the neuro-reflex effects of massage called the response of the brain causes the body (such spinal cord) to produce a variety of useful substances such as hormones, adrenaline and endorphins (hormone of happiness). Regular massage of the thoracic and promotes the formation and strengthening of the so-called muscular. This is extremely important in our age poor health and chronic fatigue! On the other hand relaxation of the most extensive of the back muscles and a good blood supply has a positive effect on general health and mood. To achieve maximum positive thoracic massage is given as a comprehensive general massage (collar area + thoracic + lumbosacral) lumbosacral spine Massage lumbosacral spine is probably the most popular massage on the back. And it is not surprising, because after the massage of this department comes a feeling of lightness and mobility throughout the body. Massaged parts latissimus, buttocks and oblique abdominal muscles. Also, special attention is paid to the place of attachment of muscles in the pelvic area. Mechanical influences in the area being pushed out of the subcutaneous fat layer of biologically active substances, as well as make the blood supply active oxygen to that area, and vitamins. Impact on the buttocks extremely positive effect on the blood / lymph feet. That is why massage waist is a must in rehabilitation after injuries of the lower extremities. With a total body massage lumbosacral special attention, which is extremely positive effect on the body. This massage is also recommended for complex treatment of the withers (the hump in the climacteric base of the neck). For advice and order back massage, please visit the website. Sincerely, Paul Skachkov, masseur

Disease Life

Much more the likelihood that you will live a healthy and vigorous life, if you become positive thinking, stop being angry and offended on every occasion, and you will clearly know your near and distant goal in life. Very high the likelihood of diseases of the body may occur due to a rejection. Almost all the people that do not like in yourself, do not like appearance or certain character traits. This is a very common cause of occurrence of various diseases. Also, often the disease, illness and depression may mean that you do not have specific goals in life.

That is, you do not know exactly what you want out of life. Just sleep, eat, go to work and watching TV. And even if you read many of psychological and developmental literature, it does not mean that you have clear goals in life. But if you think you set a goal stupid, and life is still all happen as laid down by fate, or at least try to do it for the sake of the experiment. Of course, there are thousands of options causes you a disease. And here do not necessarily look for the answer in books or Internet. Better counselor than your body, you will not find anywhere else. There is a very simple and affordable way to each person how to understand the cause of his disease or infirmity. All the events of our life (and disease among them), we create themselves. "No, I do not want me to have the disease" – you say.

The Bed

Bed – a very important piece of furniture. It takes place in the main bedroom and largely determines its style and atmosphere. When choosing a bed please note, not only for its appearance but also comfort. The form of the bed is important for interior, but more importantly, what kind of bed frame and mattress – because you'll spend on it for many hours of sleep! Start with headboard headboard – not just a decorative detail. It serves as a support for the cushions and protects the wall from contamination. Usually, head of the bed a whole, but sometimes it can be removable. In this case, you can pick up the bed (or rather, to the couch) any head to your taste. Classic wrought headboard will complement the successful almost any decor.

Headboard upholstered in fabric, comfortable, and their attraction to enter into the interior. Put on your coat, which can be easily erased. There are many different wooden headboards – from simple board attached to the wall, to the classical models with carved pillars. In the small bedroom is especially practical head-shelf: it avoids the nightstand. Stylish bed today there is a huge variety of models, from simple pine bed to pompous buildings with four-poster and canopy.

You can choose a simple silhouette or an unusual design. Classic bed is not going out of fashion. In some models, emphasizes the form, in others – material quality or cost-efficient design. Recently there was a bed on wheels that can move from one place to another, B, entered the high fashion Japanese mattress that does not have even the legs. By tradition, a mattress synthetic fiber with cotton upholstery stretches over the mat (tatami), but in modern interiors often used wooden base or podium. What size should I choose? A small bed, a large, made by your standards … The choice is yours. Better yet buy a standard-sized bed, since it will be easier to pick up linen. If the bed is made to order, we recommend to calculate in advance how much your bedroom space. The basis of the bed – a mattress to sleep well with you, you need a quality mattress. Are looking for cheap, it can affect your health. Traditionally considered the best mattresses wool, but today the most popular option – sprung mattresses. They are more comfortable and practical. Successful alternative spring mattress – mattress made of latex. This natural hypo-allergenic material follows the curves of the body and not deformed. Recently emerged from a dense foam rubber mattresses. They are strong and absorbent. The frame usually made of wood, as it has some flexibility and allows the mattress to breathe. Current models Bed with adjustable height and tilt. You can put a taller head or feet, depending on the position of the bed.

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