Cardiovascular Risks

It is necessary to avoid to sleep more hours of the recommended ones (between seven and eight). To sleep more hours is related to disturbances of the dream that condition alterations of cardiovascular parameters. In summer, the Spanish Foundation of the Heart recommends to maintain a good hydration, sensible diet and habitual exercise. Some of the summery habits that a priori seem to us very healthful, like sleeping in excess, as much during the night as during the day, can be dangerous for our cardiovascular health. The Spanish Foundation of Corazn (FEC) remembers to us that to sleep too much in vacations it can increase the risk cardiovascular. A study realised by the West Virginia University School of Medicine analyzed 30,397 adults who responded to a survey on their daily habits of rest and their cardiovascular health. Of the investigation it was extracted that, those that slept five hours less or twice presented/displayed a greater risk to develop cardiovascular problems in comparison with the participants who rested seven hours.

Surprising, those that also spent nine or more hours daily to the dream increased to 1.57 times their cardiovascular risk with respect to which they slept the recommended hours. To sleep enough and to make exercise Sleep little activate metabolic and endocrine factors detrimental for the health. But doctor Lorenzo Whistles Melchor, cardiologist of the Coronary Unit of the University Hospital Iron Door of Madrid, remembers that " on the contrary, sleeping more hours of the recommended ones can be related to disturbances and quality of the dream that conditions alterations of cardiovascular parameters, points the specialist. During the summer time, it is important to practice exercise but following you rule basic: To avoid the central hours of the day. To maintain to us hydrated to compensate of liquid inflict casualties by the sweat.

Not to exceed to us with the diet. To control the ingestion of salt, fats and sugars. To increase to the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, our heart can undergo decompensations, and especially the one of which already suffers some disease cardiovascular. Other advice who the FEC offers to the cardiologists during the vacations are: to try to remember continue taking the medication adapted in spite of the change from routines and to always travel with the pointed dosage and a medical report updated in case some decompensation is suffered abroad and the patient must be taken care of by another cardiologist. Source of the news: To sleep too much in vacations can cause that it increases our risk cardiovascular