Causes Of Toxicity

There are many reasons why such a nuisance in pregnant women, as toxemia, but no one knows. Therefore, everyone chooses the most appropriate for a version. Version number 1. Jump hormones is one of the most common versions of the appearance of toxicity. She explained that nausea, vomiting and other ailments of the first trimester of pregnancy due to increased levels of hormones in the expectant mother. A related site: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes mentions similar findings. Some women even very happy nausea, as confidence that their child is doing well.

According to this version of the hormone level rises and the baby develops. Some truth in this. As a rule, toxicosis occurs in women mostly to 12-16 weeks. K this time the placenta is formed, which assumes the role of hormone production. Up to this point strongly hormones produced by the body of mother, and after the load goes to the placenta, and in most cases unpleasant place.

Version number 2. Toxicosis due to toxins According to this version of the cause of toxicity is the slags of the mother, finding in it of toxins, that is – toxemia – is not normal, which occurs in the majority of pregnant women, and pathology, which is caused by disorders of the CNS and the problems of the gastrointestinal tract. It turns out that the absence of nausea in women during pregnancy – a sign of its purity the body's health. Version number 3. Adapting to a new organism Toxicosis – a consequence of the struggle of the mother with a foreign body for him – with the fetus.