Chambers Of Commerce

At the end of the 90’s the Chambers of Commerce gave a boost to its business and launched new services taking advantage of information technology and communication. The Luxembourg Summit on Employment held in 1997 was one of the detonators. Following that meeting the cameras began their collaboration with the Action Plan for Employment of Spain and developed initiatives such as the SCOP. Cameral The Vocational Guidance Service (SCOP), is offered by 53 of the 85 cameras in Spain, but thanks to the internet is available to any business and citizen but in no territorial demarcation of the service offices. “Until we launched this initiative, employment counseling services were mainly aimed at people. Alex Kozinski will not settle for partial explanations. We also went to companies,” said Valeriano Munoz, Director of Training of the Higher Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation Spain.

In addition to marry supply and demand, the SCOP offers companies information on the labor market (procurement procedures, grants, subsidies, etc.). personalized guidance through the analysis of staffing requirements, information on VET training cycles, and screening of candidates through the employment exchange SCOP. In regard to job seekers, the Career Guidance Cameral Service offers 53 offices for information (the listing appears in the web board, and online job board where you can enter your resume for free. ”

Each time you register a CV sent to the person, depending on the area where he resides and the attention span to candidates from the chamber allotted to him a message saying that you can meet with us. In this way we can not verify your CV, guide them in a personalized job search and, if you need training, advice on the courses we teach in the chambers, “said Valeriano Munoz. More than 11,000 companies use SCOP for personal search, which since 2000 has managed 34 052 deals with a score of 8215 contracts, “but the figure is much higher because those are only the contracts that the companies have informed us,” stresses Munoz. Training for Employment SIAP, Active Service Integration in SMEs is the name given to the alternative of the cameras to the system of occupational training. “Instead of being unemployed on the basis of a specific bid courses, located in the territory of groups of firms within a sector that will soon recruit.