Determination Of The Personal Characteristics Of Human Beings Through The Analysis

Among the sources of psychological analysis of the individual employee occupy a special position statements and reports, complaints and proposals prepared in manuscript form. For these and other documents manager, whether staff worker or other specialist to work with staff, can make a conclusion not only on the level of literacy workers, but also about his ability to express their thoughts, feelings and send your own state. Graphologists argue that handwriting contributes to the disclosure of individual to individual. In order to read a person like a book, you need to know the system of handwriting, each of which corresponds to a specific property nature of the subject. Has long been noted that the handwriting as markedly different from each other as individual human nature, as the prints of their fingers.

Consider how we can easily learn some hand: when we see visa chief at the incoming documents, or when we get a letter from a friend. According to one painting or a few words we have accurately determine the author. Of course, one is tempted by the handwriting to learn all the inner nature of man. However, immediately should stipulate that: Firstly, graphology provides a probabilistic conclusions, and not one hundred percent approval, and secondly, the analysis of handwriting provides overall assessment of the psychological make-up man, and not accurate characteristics of its individual properties, and thirdly, it is believed that the graphologist must have at least one page of text, and, better yet, if there is an opportunity to learn a few texts written in different situations and at different times.