Diet Programs

5kg. Fat (10 lbs) and 1 kg. Muscle (2lbs). This program provides enough protein to lose weight to only lose fat and no muscle. Even with the program recovers lost all the muscle. 3 .- Stress. During the period of stress, the body is subjected to wear 2-3 times normal. Therefore more proteins are destroyed.

4 .- The exercise. When you exercise there is a greater wear of the organism with which most proteins are destroyed. 5 .- stimulants. Coffee, nicotine, drugs, increase the wear of the body with more protein are destroyed. 6 .- diseases. The fever and other illnesses increase the wear of the body. 7 .- bleeding. Blood loss, either by injury or menstruation, cause further loss of protein.

8 .- antibiotics. Kill many cells. That is, not only kill bacteria, also kill healthy cells. With the loss of these cells lose many proteins. 9 .- The antiseptic and alcohol. Also kill many cells in the body. 10 .- Burns. Fire, acids, chemicals, et cetera. For whatever reason, destroys the tissues and cells they are presented. 11 .- The sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise causes a slow circulation of the blood with oxygen and nutrients it carries. This means that thousands of cells die daily and inexplicable pain that occur in different parts of the body being confused with tendon diseases, neuritis, etc.. Conditions under which the doctor does not know what to do to remove the problem. yComo we realize that the person lacks protein? The hair, beard and nails do not grow as it should, grow very slowly, or easily broken hair falls out and blame the shampoo. When our body has the right amount of protein, hair and nails grow quickly, are strong and not fall off or break easily. This program provides the right amount of protein with all essential and nonessential amino acids we need every day and the first thing you notice when you take it, is that the hair stops falling. Carbohydrates. Sugars are important because our main source of energy comes from them. The food has too much refined sugar. This program contains no refined sugar, because that it creates more hunger and low energy of the individual. It also creates a large osmotic pressure in the bowel, which destroys many nutrients and also caught a lot of water, dehydrating the cells of intestinal villi. It also causes increased production of insulin by the pancreas, leading to force it and damage it. The sugar program is fructose, which is the main sugar in fruit – hence the name -. This sugar is used more easily because it does not need insulin to enter cells and metabolized. It is the ideal sugar for diabetics, provides enough power and maintains constant blood levels. Saturated fat. Fat is needed in our body, helps metabolize certain vitamins, the formation of many compounds such as hormones, generates a lot of energy but not the main source or easier to use and generates heat. The food brings an excessive amount of saturated fat. Excess fat is like a deadly poison , you kills slowly and without feeling.