Eat Or Be Eaten

It’s funny, sometimes I wonder and not hallo response about the paradox of life, laws governing it, the guidelines to follow and an address not understood at all. Overwhelms me violently and turn is in my mind the sequence of multiple questions about the law that governs in a universal manner, (eating or being eaten). This is disturbing to me and breaks roles, of ethical and moral behavior acquired, seated in the deepest levels of consciousness. My conscious part leads me to evaluate the process in a logical, universal, realistic, and calculated manner. The developed level of consciousness, a spiritual perspective, causes a reaction which slows down and prevents me from thinking coldly, more, approaching a prosecution on the basis of moral and personal self-realization, that it goes beyond a simple and logical function as an element integrated into a whole. Analyzing to us humans, as a primordial simplicity of projected evolutionary form, with a marked and development limited practical functionality, covering a simplistic stage, no more away from desired within the globality and plurality universal and followed by the common law, of all principle aims, eat or be eaten. This generates a reaction of revulsion, both conscious and unconscious.

We find no directional sense, do not wish or want to bring us closer to that possibility, the only idea, produces an uneasiness, that fills us with anxiety and permanent distress. There in the deepest part of our self, we prefabricate directional values that will allow greater own consciousness expansion, modeling the idea of a whole, with universal plurality, under integrated guidelines of the personal self, that maintain a logical and directional heading, giving soul and conscience, that allows us more space and mental support. If you look and delve into history, its evolutionary process, patterns of behaviour and the laws that govern it, will observe a different ways with different potentials that give body and consistency to multiple elements, building a pyramid, where the livelihoods and survival of each of the forms are dependent of the other and all are subject to erosion and changes, independent of their evolutionary level. Man that looks different, is framed in this parallelism and their development and progress complies and is aimed at the universal law, eat or be eaten. If however in this pluralistic order that we are settled and integrated, we have generated the species homo, a catharsis that breaks the elemental simplicity, has been made a mask, called personality, in every individual being with shape and unique movement, which has allowed us a wide development on the levels of awareness and empowerment of the conscious part, this brings us more beyond the absolute simplicity and as a result understand the universality of the set and the human being in particular, as a work of man and God.