Esoteric Sculptures

Why mammoth ivory? For us it is a material that allows you to fully disclose any of our creative design, he made a special contribution to the style of sculpture. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Gerard Addonizio. The same subtlety of expression, light and shadow, spatial sensations are not able to create any other material. Unfortunately, the current value of a mammoth tusk as esoteric material (which it is primarily for us), is almost lost, obscured by its high cost and because of this elitism of this material. As a general rule, most inexperienced people mammoth tusk associated with modern souvenirs are small, in most its load-bearing primitive meaning. Skulpturs from mammoth ivory – a new and so unusual phenomenon in the art, which is difficult to assess unambiguously.

Our style of work with this material at first view is contrary to its traditional use in arts and crafts. In fact alleged abandonment of tradition turns into their new, modern re-interpretation and extension. Ambiguous evaluation high emotional involvement means that our sculpture from one of the oldest materials continued to help the audience identify themselves in the modern world, and hence have the same deep sense that the ancient objects of power. Bone – one of the oldest materials used by man. The first items from the bones were found in the parking places of primitive people the fifth to fourth centuries bc. They were both household and decorative objects and objects of worship: arrowheads, jewelry, amulets, ritual animal images. Items from the bones in ancient times symbolized the victory of man over the severe nature and served proof of courage and talent hunter.

Over time, bone carving as a separate form of art, has expanded its range of application: bone used to make handles weapons, jewelry, inlays, and various souvenirs. In particular, the Russian bone carving school is characterized by items such as cups, boxes, snuff boxes, small animal figurines. Currently carving mammoth ivory is not is widespread, mass art form. The range of this material in the total mass remains practically unchanged, not going beyond the decorative arts. Meanwhile, it is remarkably plastic and beautiful material, artistic possibilities which undeservedly forgotten, are not used due to the fact that most underrated of contemporary artists, and as a consequence, the audience. The work presented is called the 'mushroom shaman' (mammoth ivory, height 21 cm Private collection). 'Mushroom Shaman' has given rise to a whole shamanic-psychedelic lines, which is still ongoing, and it can be trace in all our works, not even directly related to shamanism. Sculpture itself is a shaman who is in a trance, as a mediator between the viewer and the other world of spirits. At this time the soul shaman travels to other worlds, leaving the body. The composition is shown as a transpersonal experience of the shaman, beginning in the energy channel of the spine, the visual form over his head a skull fantastic bird. In shamanism there is a representation of the three worlds: the lower, underground – a world of snakes, middle, earth – the world of Puma, the upper, heavenly – the world of Eagle. Skull of birds – a metaphor for the upper world of the Eagle, in which the shaman nadchelovecheskoe journey.