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The comparison of private health insurance can save you thousands of dollars per year. This year, many private health insurance companies adjust their contributions. Unfortunately they rarely turn out to the benefit of the insured. This means that significantly more money must be spent for the same performance. However, the comparison platform my-kv-check.de fighting vigorously. Again, a year is almost over. People who have private health insurance this mostly it realize that these days the dreaded annual premium adjustments enter into by their insurance company. Unfortunately, it is no different this year.

Because the medical care in the world is becoming increasingly expensive, the also reflected directly on the posts of health insurance. Here, each privately insured should use the possibilities of the comparison. According to the new online health insurance comparison my-kv-check.de, as soon several hundred can be, if not even thousands of euros per year savings. Due to these savings, it is quickly possible, large sums of money to unlock and then insert for other sensible areas. Particularly positive to mention is that privately to another with your old age provisions without loss in new tariffs take insurance. My-kv-check.de is able to compare all insurers licensed in Germany and thus to achieve the optimal price and performance. Contact: my-kv-check.de health insurance comparisons contact person: Bjorn Aicher Waiblinger str. 53 70734 Fellbach my-kv-check.de is a young company that has turned the task people who have private health insurance, to provide a neutral comparison to thus the optimal price and performance.