Fighting Stress for Better Health

This proved that when the arteries are closed product of the formation of atheromas which adsorb bad cholesterol and triglycerides, heart attack may be imminent …… This proved that the stress EXCESS atheroma ……. This proved that there are methods to combat the SEPA HOW STRESS …. and what methods are used to combat!! 5 years ago my wife and I had our only child. A beautiful girl full of life and very cheerful DANIELA called for a medical malpractice left with severe cerebral palsy and for years we have been struggling with our little girl who even today is slowly recovering. The problems this caused were of such magnitude that our economic situation fell apart. Only love made us fight and fight day after day.

One of the problems we noticed is we were both my wife and I, very sleepy, very tired, with many feelings of anxiety and often very depressed. In talking to some doctors told us she was stressed. And besides our own daughter Daniela was very stressed by the frustration of being unable to move because cerebral palsy resulted in SEVERE TETRAPLEGIA I started research in various literature both on the web and in libraries about the disease and twenty-first century. I learned that in the arteries had a movie called atheromas gelosas to adsorb bad cholesterol and triglycerides and are closing the arteries to become clogged which can lead to stroke. And studies in various countries have determined that to more stress MAS atheroma formation. Researchers JACOBSON & Bernstein had been calculated that with a progressive relaxation techniques coupled with exercises, muscle tension and distension, might relieve the symptoms of severe stress.

I was interested in both the subject, which followed some courses and information on stress. Likewise, as a musician skilled in music relaxation () I noticed that if these techniques SCENARIO was added as the type of music I produced on my electronic piano, the effect of stress relief from multiply! So I began to try different melodies composed by me both of us as my daughter, and works pretty well Relieve stress. Talking to a doctor in a hospital in Peru, told me that EVERYONE studies found that stress does not cure … Only controlled and found that this synergy of progressive relaxation exercises, exercises muscular tension and relaxation and music therapy is much better controlled! The whole world can feel that there is stress control methods valuable to control the symptoms that the voracity of the hectic modern life day by day we are attacked.