Healing Spiritual Chakra Dance

Chakra specialist and alternative medical practitioner for psychotherapy Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy Dance originally had an ancient spiritual healing powers who want to rediscover the spiritual chakra dance in Berlin for our day and age. Healing spiritual dance emanates from the healthy life energy within each person and acts by coming from the inside, self affiliation of movements. To give visible expression of the emotional inner experience, has healing properties. To do this, it is important to engage in its interior.

Vice versa also changing effect can be achieved if these external suggestions remain not only set, through new forms of movement but are integrated in the personal movement patterns and gradually expand it. E.G. the rather unusual in the German cultural isolation movements of the Oriental dance are particularly well suited to complement the own forms of movement. That’s why these Oriental isolation movements applied at the spiritual chakra dance in Berlin specifically the chakras. Since time immemorial was used the healing power of dance with original self expression and dance, spirituality, and medicine were linked. Naturopath for psychotherapy and chakra specialist Dr. rer.

pol. Safi Haajboy offers therefore healing spiritual chakra dance for men and women in Berlin. To note is that only the original natural healing power of dance is often used for the spiritual healing chakra dance in Berlin and the chakra dance no dance therapy. That’s why he is addressing only mentally healthy people who want to learn the holistic healing power of dance. Who want to enable his inner self healing to live his everyday life stronger and more confident, is right at the spiritual chakra dance by Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy in Berlin. The healing spiritual chakra dance takes place every Thursday from 18:30 until 20:00 in the neighbourhood Centre Amtshaus Buchholz, Berliner Strasse 24, 13127 Berlin. There is no registration required. Since the healing spiritual chakra dance a new offer in Berlin is, for a short time the discounted price of only 9,-euros (6 euro for Hartz IV recipients, pensioners and students): healing spiritual chakra dance to meet in Berlin. Spiritual dance can have healing properties and at the same time support the spiritual path in the inner divine harmony. Usually, healing spiritual chakra dance is but insufficient by themselves to resolve particularly stubborn blockages. This requires additional experienced spiritual support. Gladly accompanied Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy in addition to spiritual healing chakra dance also intensive spiritual development processes. The Chakra dance in Berlin is equally open to self-awareness through dance with healing and dance as a spiritual path with additional experienced accompaniment by Dr. rer. pol. Safi Haajboy. The inner power and holistic experience of being can be danced by the healing chakra dance in Berlin. It is a wonderful experience to feel the own life force in the chakras and Confident and bolstered by the healing spiritual chakra dance in everyday life to return.