Health and Personal Integrity

Security is a very important factor in the lives of people both in the idea of security of their status as a person, ie protection against different types of events related to health and personal integrity and the security that should provide some valuable items, which in one way or another by their characteristics and what they mean, they must have certain security conditions to conserve the best way, so it is recommended in both cases the presence of security systems such as the implementation of different devices, which help greatly to provide excellent security to individuals as objects of great value. Security systems can occur in many ways and modalities with the idea of providing better care for the security service according to the characteristics of what they seek to protect, so security systems are provided for the protection of persons, money, information, among many other things, both within the group of systems security implementations can be found within the private space, but there are many others that are presented at public. Security systems are primarily within certain establishments in which concur a large number of people, which should combine protection for both people and for certain objects, which in no case be violated freedom within applications and means of providing safety and security systems are deployed within structures and large installations such as airports, hospitals, banks, different types of commercial and mass transportation. Besides this security systems can find a more direct way, that is presented in smaller venues and focusing his vision more specific points, so you can find the security systems in homes, cars, aimed at protecting one person or a family group or for certain special items. Among the various devices that are part of the systems Security cameras can be found, which in its various forms, which give scope to maintain the vision of different points from a central area where the cameras can be visible or hidden place, and keeps a constant watch of cardinal points that deserve special attention, so through the cameras can see if it suspects attend. You can also deploy sensors, which are located in places that you should not take the step but a certain authorized personnel, these are accompanied in some cases for some devices that require access to certain keys or actions to access certain points, a part of it are alarms which alert the entire security staff and police to the presence of an event or situation that this security breach. All this is complemented by human action, which combines circuit devices or security systems, with direct action representing security personnel.