Healthy Living Tips

Health – is the property of the whole society, which is impossible to assess. We wish each other good health, when we meet or say goodbye, because it is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Good health provides us a long and active life, contributes to the implementation of our plans, overcoming obstacles, makes it possible to successfully cope with life challenges. It is obvious that health is dependent not only on therapeutic and preventive measures, but from the man himself. Not accidentally, more people devote their leisure sports and tourism. Along with this has a place and an irresponsible attitude to their health: self-medication, non-elementary hygiene requirements, smoking, alcohol abuse. For sedentary lifestyle lead comfortable in the house, mechanization and automation in manufacturing, transport, nutrition – to overeating. There are 10 councils, developed by an international team of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists, who constitute the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Following them, we can extend and make more enjoyable our lives. 1 tip: unraveling crossword puzzles, learning foreign languages, performing calculations in mind, we train the brain. Thus, the slow process of degradation of the mental faculties of age; activates the heart of the system circulation and metabolism. 2 Council: work – an important element of a healthy lifestyle. Find a suitable job for yourself that will get you into joy. According to scientists, it helps to look younger. 3 tip: Do not eat too a lot. Instead of the usual 2.500 1.500 calories get along.