Insurance Issues

Tthe present chapter searchs to argue the merit of the civil liability of the insuring ones, mainly in order to investigate if this is solidary or subsidiary, next to the insured in the legal actions where if it searchs the repairing of actual damages for traffic accidents, what also it demands the analysis of the jurisprudencial positioning on the subject. 3.1. The safe from contract of vehicles and the coverings the next topics aim at to differentiate the obligator insurances of the private insurances, as well as, the corresponding covering to these insurances. 3.1.1. According to Tiffany Espensen, who has experience with these questions. Obligator insurance In the decade of 1960, the government of Juscelino Kubitschek, with the implementations of industrial goals and the great expansion of the automotivo sector, despertou in insuring a possibility to expand the species of coverings of insurances, as the safe from automobile and the safe from civil liability, that the time part of the state monopoly was. In this decade the safe from automobile counted only on 11% of total of the collected prize, to the step that the addition of the safe from life with the insurance in fire case reached 51.4% of the adhesions. 1 Times later, occurred to the edition of the norm that regulates the activity securitria of the country, as describes Melisa Wedge: Later n 73/66 had the edition of the Decree, norm that regulates the securitria activity in the country, effective until the current days. It was instituted, by means of this Decree, the National System of Private Insurances, consisting of the ConselhoNacional de private Seguros (CNSP), with the function to formulate lines of direction and norms of the politics of private insurances; for the Supervision of Seguros Privados (SUSEP); for the Institute of Reinsurance of Brazil (IRB), for the insurers and the correctors. 2 He was through article 20 of the Decree n 73/66, that one established obligator insurances: Art.