The rhythm of life of modern women is extremely dynamic and very often does not allow her time to go to the doctor-mammologist for signs of diseases such as breast mastopathy, mastitis. Credit: celebrity trainer-2011. This is quite wrong approach, because the current level of mammology allows to treat many diseases at an early stage without surgical procedures. Many women do not know firsthand about the symptoms of mastitis – chest pain, emerging contractions, pain before menses. No need to neglect their health, better time to apply to the medical center or clinic, as breast increases the risk of breast cancer. There are two types of pathological changes in the breast of a similar nature – diffuse and nodular. When there is diffuse large number of small nodules, with a hub there is one node. For the treatment of the first kind mastopathy apply therapeutic treatment, the second type requires more serious intervention and removal of the node.

One of the important reasons for the emergence of the disease – heredity, irregular sexual life, too, can cause the disease. Termination of pregnancy – a negative provocation. To prevent the disease of the breast has much to do the man himself. Correct chosen means of contraception, regular sex life, rejection of bad habits – alcohol, smoking – all in your power. Doctors mammology advise all prospective mothers after childbirth need to breastfeed.

Postpartum period for a woman can become complicated mastitis – an inflammation of the mammary gland. Very often it is the result of infection through cracked nipples during breastfeeding. Mastitis can and develop before birth and during pregnancy. The primary cause of this disease is an infection, usually gram-negative flora. Symptoms of disease manifest themselves in a sealed area of the breast, redness of skin around, high fever, severe pain, chills. Therapeutic course consists of antibiotics, total liberation from the milk glands. Necessary condition for the prevention of mastitis – to express milk after each feeding the baby, hygienic standards – clean hands, nipples, correct technique of feeding. Expectant mother, if the care of their health and that child must necessarily familiarize themselves with all regulations of feeding after birth.