Maternity Leave Laws

Students who are in an interesting position, often in a thoughtful take or not take their sabbatical leave at the time of the last two months of pregnancy and after birth .Beremennost, especially in her last week – a huge burden on the young woman's body, and if more time on it gets zachetny period, then deal with it will be very difficult. Should not be forgotten and that the future mother and baby are absolutely contraindicated nervous tension and stress. What is a sabbatical leave for pregnancy? Under Russian law, maternity leave relates to leave of absence for medical reasons and is available for 70 days before expected birth in the case of singleton pregnancies, and for 84 days before giving birth in the case of multiple. After childbirth leave is automatically extended for another 70 days for the birth of one child and 86 days in the case of twins, triplets and so on, and if the birth was complicated. Visit Ford for more clarity on the issue. At this time sabbatical student, students at the budget office, receive a benefit from the size of a scholarship. During a sabbatical students studying on a contractual basis, tuition is not getting vnosyat.Dlya sabbatical before pregnancy Dean provided the following documents: personal statement students, student card, scoring book, which should not be any outstanding tuition, an extract from the medical records of female consultation, information form 095 / W.

After maternity leave, a leave for child care up to 1,5 years which refers to a sabbatical for family reasons. On it you should take care in advance, allowing Dean to the application and a copy of the birth of the child. At that time paid an allowance of 1500 rub. the first child and 3000rub. on the second and subsequent. When the child reaches eighteen months sabbatical leave may be extended until the child reaches three years.