Mental Health and More

The knowing yourself is one of the greatest challenges a person's life. Actually, this task is not easy to perform. We spend a good part of our life to get to know ourselves … only in part. Are we able to get to know the complete? My answer is no, and I'll explain why. We are born and we developed conditions based on genetic, biological, social, cultural, family … We spent an educational process in our childhood and this, of course, will largely determine our abilities as adults. But this is because at this stage of our life we are much more willing to learn, which does not mean we can not do at older ages.

The brain Our brain is constantly changing. The particles that make our brains today are not the same as tomorrow, or not be in the same place, and this happens with all our body. Therefore, we are never the same physically, but at some level we are unable to perceive and those particles responsible for establishing a proper set or group, keeping as something physically stable. The most interesting is that the connections established by our brain that determines everything about us-are also changing. Thus, in our look "non-physical" we are also constantly changing.

We are a constantly changing flow. Personality Our personality is a very important aspect of ourselves, for our mental health is strongly linked to our physical health. And I think that is an important work in the life of every human being to get the best of ourselves in this aspect, because we are very social creatures by nature. And if we work our way to be improving every aspect of our person, it will be rewarded with a view to the social world in which we live: if we succeed in it, we get directly the two most important needs of everyone: love and money. And in an indirect way, we can also obtain good health. Because, in these three major requirements, if one fails, the other two will be affected. "There are certain bad habits that we encourage all our lives, bad habits which can range from behavior to dress. Traditionally, the role of parents and friends is to strengthen the belief that we're fine as we are, that no need to change. But not enough to be ourselves. We must be the best possible version of ourselves. And that's not always easy, especially when not even know who you are. " Neil Strauss. The conclusion I draw from this passage is that everyone who decides to be. To change, for example, our reaction to something, we must first know in detail why we have this reaction and what causes it. The physical world and our physical self has its limitations. But our brains and our minds, our mental and psychological level, has no limits. Y. .. How can we get to know the complete something that is infinite? Written in.