Mobile Clinics and Health

In relation to claims of the traditional territory, we have the experience to claim a territory and Amotocodie Chunguperedatei. It Ayoreo traditional area. That claim has five (5) years, and still nothing is resolved within the Paraguayan state's legal system. There is no support in the social, economic and cultural, by local and national government. No member communities receive financial support from UNAP local government to make efforts in Asuncion. Another of the problems is the lack of work, and secured land available is small, and there are almost no forest to hunt, not respecting our rights as peoples. The UNAP denounces the lack of respect by the government since we are not consulted and make decisions that affect communities and our traditional territory. Denounce, one side does not have access to ancestral lands because everything is private property and that is very difficult to recover.

Our traditional territory is being dismantled and destroyed by farming livestock. There is lots of pressure from farmers and loggers who take palo santo and there are hurting our people forestry. Operating plans and destroy the streams and washes gaps in our ancestral territory that give life to the brothers Ayoreos still living in the bush. Non-indigenous society imposes on us without consulting projects and plans, although it is Ayoreo ancestral territory. With all this, also affect the traditional culture, including religious practices and indigenous beliefs, which have already been fully invaded and were not respected at all. In the communities there are also non-indigenous religious and do not leave work to shamans. In the communities there are people who want our wood to coal. Is almost no access to health.

There is hardly a mobile clinic each month. The security system that applies in the Central Chaco Ayoreo that discriminate in this way is mostly without protection and social insurance. At the same time, was invaded culture with their ancestral practices as healing and health care, and costs apply. We need access to education, but that lack government support, as there are no schools in all communities, its members come to Philadelphia, Carmelo Peralta, or Murtin (Brazil). The state school system moves to one's education as Ayoreo culture, and not let him, in spite of the Ayoreo had a great practice of traditional education and ancestral. The Government and its official agencies do not communicate, or ask the Ayoreo organizations or communities do not respect its own form of our organization, and respect the times we need in the consultations, as our organization Ayoreo is autonomous and has its own system of decision making.