Network Movement Continues To Grow Healthy

Internet creative agency network movement has concluded the past financial year 2007 with a growth of nearly 28 percent. For creative ideas and a project smoothly carry 25 permanent staff concern. New professionals and young talents have been successfully integrated into the team. Thus, the number of employees with 28% has risen similarly strong as sales. Also in 2008, wants to continue to grow the Agency and in the first step further expands the range of 3D modeling and animation. Also, the team is still looking for employees in the area of Flash programming. The success of the agency reflected in the customer portfolio, which was supplemented in 2007 with many famous brands.

So the agency responsible for magazine brands and companies such as Haribo, Capri Sun, Prince, tool, Merck self-medication, Actimel, FruchtZwerge, Sun Rice, Micky Maus today and what is what. Even the Council of Europe network movement commissioned for the realization of an interactive platform, the children aged from 7 to 10 years in a playful manner on the issue of security gradually in the Internet. “Through the Wild Web Woods” was designed from the ground up by the network movement and now adapted for 14 languages. In August 2007 the network movement was awarded after a pan-European competition for the realization. Network movement has focused from the outset on the realization of interactive brand experiences. With great success. Interactive brand experiences behind them are Web-based marketing tools, the brand in a way and manner present, which is possible in any other medium: include interactively in the brand world with the audience and visitors in a world that is poetic, dramatic, funny, or action-charged and offered to the brand values the experience with.

Round the clock, every day of the week. The brand enters into dialogue with consumers and vice versa. All tools can be transparent tracking fitted with mechanisms, providing targeted information.