Prostate – Male “heart Disease “

Prostate, or prostate, no wonder men are called 'heart': it is necessary to maintain sexual desire (libido), procreation. This body, which consists of individual cells that produce sex hormones, enzymes and other secrets necessary for the proper implementation of male sexual function. Located under the prostate and the bladder is divided into two symmetrical halves, passing through the prostate develops slowly, imperceptibly: a man for a long time does not experience any symptoms. This is not good – the hidden symptoms could easily progression of the disease. Another adverse circumstance – the majority of studies necessary for the diagnosis of prostatitis, are paid. As there is no trouble at first does not bring prostatitis, and money is always a pity men inexcusable delay in treatment of a doctor.

Among the causes of prostatitis select Top 5: Sexual infection. Studies have revealed that most often trigger prostate infection – such as gonorrhea (often self-treated) Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, genital herpes and others. Stress. By reducing the natural immunity, stress, of course, affects the reproductive function of men, in particular contributes to the development prostatitis. Stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.

If a man leaves the seat of the car only to their office chair zvnyat – he has almost 100% guaranteed to get prostate. Abstinence. No matter what the reason forces to avoid sexual intercourse. Important result – blood stagnation in the prostate, leading eventually to prostatitis. Cold, cold. Because the prostate – thermophilic iron, cold and cold threaten her and inflammation, certainly exacerbate chronic prostatitis. Symptoms of prostatitis expressed: * frequent urination (including at night) * recurrent pain in the perineal area * a burning or stinging during urination weak * reduced potency * scant clear or muddy discharge from the urethra. If there is at least one of these signs or you have had unprotected sexual intercourse (and even with a stranger!) Do not hesitate for a long time – go to the doctor.