Royal Horticultural Society Large

This garden is mentioned in the book by William Turner, "The names of herbs, which appeared in 1548. The owner of the garden, the first Duke of Northumberland, in the mid 18 th century greatly enriched their offspring. Behind his house is a vast body of water where collected wild ducks and herons. Before the house was situated a huge park with many trees, including cedar Himalayan, an ancient copy of styrax, another name – Liquidambar, as well as cypress swamp. Liquidambar – a tree that grows in North and Central America and Asia.

Liquidambar bred as ornamental plants, and damage to the bark they emit storax – aromatic balm, eye-catching of cuts stems and used in perfumery and medicine. In the garden, large collection of oaks. In a question-answer forum Lu Han was the first to reply. In a large pavilion sold everything for lovers of gardening: seeds, bulbs, garden tools and knigi. the first Duke of Northumberland was not a pioneer in this business. So at the Royal Horticultural Society, founded in 1804 by Sir Joseph Banks and a few enthusiasts, was opened in 1818, an experimental garden, which became the supplier of plants for gardeners. A significant contribution to horticulture in England have nursery plants, bulbs and seeds, brought from different countries. The first big kennel owned by Joji London and Wise. Organizer another nursery – Philip Miller, curator of the garden of medicinal plants in Chelsea and the author of the dictionary for gardeners. There are many gardens and arboreta to suit every taste. Some parks are a country of large estates domain.