Say Goodbye to Excess Weight

Currently, you can learn about the most unusual and sometimes bizarre ways to lose weight. If the recommendation to reduce the portion of food eaten quite logically entail the creation of a special mini-dishes, and "Mini-plugs (suggested Taco Bell), then there are more unexpected solutions. Developers mini-dish say that in fact the person will not have any diet, he will be able to eat all that he wants to. Did not he wants But correspondent Buck Wolf found in the history of weight loss is even more questionable ideas. These include Vision-Dieter Glasses: sunglasses that show the food in the most unfavorable light. Apparently, they have been created in order to, sitting at the table completely lose appetite and enjoy the food Maybe someone will like, and such a method.

Fletcherizm. This school diet, which stands for chewing food until until it becomes almost liquid. In this case, they believe, saturation occurs much faster and also improves the digestive tract. Tape Worm Therapy: Swallowing intestinal parasites, which will consume the bulk of food eaten. But perhaps that voracious worms want to eat and their owner I remember the other methods of weight correction, for example, losing weight with the help of nicotine. The basis of such zadumok – the assertion that smokers generally do not have problems with being overweight. Apparently, someone thinks that the Slim figure – a great reason to lose health