The Secret to Great Living

Maybe some time you come along every step of "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction" and have not yet been able to achieve what you set out, having a partner that both want, the successful business, the perfect job, money you'd like, optimal health, and that you stressed, frustrated and impatient, you feel you're doing something wrong. If that's the case I invite you to keep reading. In this article I will share four key principles for dealing with this frustration and enjoy more of your life here and now. In early 2007, in Barcelona, I first saw the documentary The Secret and really shocked me. In this newly subtitled version appeared in Spanish and just had it, I began to share with many people.

I remember doing meetings to see the documentary in a center where we filled the room with about 50 people each time. At that time, the film opened my eyes to a way of looking at life more positively, where I felt less victim of circumstances and what happened to my around, and I appreciate it, that three years have passed. Lately I've received messages asking my opinion on The Law of Attraction and comments about their frustration at not being getting what they desire. My answer is that I still think it is a first step to see life in a more open and positive and that on today, I can confirm from personal experience that the secret or the law of attraction works or not … Some things were me and not others, and people who could not draw what they wanted and this made them feel frustrated, or guilty for creating negative situations in their lives, not knowing as they did not like change. Of course, if you're looking to be happy and have a pleasant life, the frustration and guilt does not give you happiness, you remove it … And so I will share some concepts offered by Byron Katie, author of the bestsellers "Loving What Is "and" A Thousand Names for Joy "that I used to me and many others to live a life in peace. Principle 1: The Secret: You can have whatever you want. The Secret teaches you how to get money, success, partner, health, to be happy, and when you have the life you want and be happy. And the reality for me is that just because "you need something not now" to be happy, it takes you to be unhappy now … makes you feel that you lack something and see life from a shortage.