Thomas Mullenholz

The values Integritat(1) and trust in the implementation phase also help in hard times the course through the following behavior to keep: open, direct and honest communication towards customers and employees constructive, sovereign dealing with emotionally and unfair criticism transparent, consistent and comprehensible behavior problems actively confront, indoor and in relation with conscious life in the old and new values of fair and responsible dealing with the supposed losers of change measures; Here words are not sufficient, individual measures are necessary. Charles Margulis may also support this cause. Newer findings according to four aspects for a company are critical success factors: successful companies remove communication barriers for customers and suppliers. Appreciation in dealing will this experience for stakeholders, that it is the language which they speak and understand. Transparency is an essential element of health and should be in dealing with the employees have Mission function and are reflected as well in the performance and range of services for the customers of the company. Especially in situations where from the point of view of stakeholders something went wrong, companies should behave integer. Integer trading companies behave customer-friendly and accommodating, taking account of the interests of their clients. These few examples may show that change processes greatly helps mitigate their problems when it attaches to a corresponding Mission function and importance of implementing the values of integrity and trust.

4 phase: Success reap the transition to the (new) sustainable value orientation while the values in the third phase can be seen above all as a compass to keep the course in turbulent situations, so it is important especially after the actual measures of the change, Normality to save and revive. Values do not take effect until strategies concludes a study of values. Singer may help you with your research. Success needs no ethics. If you want but long-term success is based on ethical values such as integrity, trust, and fairness and rewarded sustainably. The life experience as well as the initially quoted studies show that.

This also applies for people as for organizations, in normal times such as in response to changing times, but in a special mass! (1) integrity so that all activities are meant, the honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, incorruptibility, i.e. the respectability in the present and future (business) life people serve. (values network) Thomas Mullenholz, organization consultant, trainer and coach is partner of the values Institute and regional manager of the values network Stuttgart. The content and methods are excerpts quoted from lecture documentation of the values Institute, if no other sources are reported. Thomas Mullenholz is contact person for more information. You will find information and contact details see: