Wedding Makeup

Then you will have time to correct something. But remember – your face you still have to create yourself. And come to the master with better specific order, rather than saying, "Give me something of such things." It's your wedding, and it is not your every day! You pass the beauty in the hand of the master, but the result you need to get satisfaction, but to do this very good idea of what you want. Tip: Do not change radically their way to the gala event – you may not like the result, and the feast will be spoiled, if the hair is not flawless, to treat them – reconstruction, laminating, hydrating mask, scalp massage, a week before the wedding refresh haircut and hair color, if you want to have a luxurious head of hair long hair – and for a week do hair extensions, so you have time to get used to them. Wedding Make-up – an important nuance in the creation of image of the bride. Which would not have the natural beauty of you, and no matter how perfect, and neither had the right features of your person, you have to be professionally made wedding make-up, and therefore, do not neglect the services of a professional makeup artist on your wedding day. Wisely imposed makeup will accentuate your personality, because you'll be all day in the spotlight, you will be sent to hundreds of curious eyes, including the camera lens. This means that you should not only look good in front of the guests and groom, but also in the best imprinted in numerous photos.