Emergency in the Family

A photo gallery can show, few experiences with sprouts and even then only lived. View the web ….. The happiness was complete. EVENTS MAY 18, 2005 Daniela for three nights before the May 17, 2005, was with vomiting every 30 minutes and although we were born and the hospital where she was a high-risk child born with hydrocephalus do DANDY WALKER , not given more importance in the emergency unit where we go and he was discharged three times. On the night of May 17, 2005, DANIELA demonstrations began to have what looked like stomach pain, but with certain SPASMS every two to three minutes. Unfortunate circumstances that night we could not leave our house until dawn. At 6 am head toward the hospital where he was born and enter the Emergency Unit, a successful doctor (which unfortunately was not three days before) said she was with a neurological problem. Then the observed number of specialty doctors and after many hours of doubt and apreciaciom errors, diagnostic of the valve catheter Pudentz she had from the first month of birth and that it was implanted, had shifted, preventing normal operation of cerebrospinal fluid drainage.

Before it entered at 8 pm to operating room and did not see until the next day. On May 18 in the morning, very early, went to the hospital and learned that on the morning of May 18 DANIELA had a cardiopulmonary arrest, which had been deoxygenated the brain for about 4-5 minutes. He was clinically dead by that time!! and was resuscitated with resuscitation equipment and ventilators.

Raising a Child With C.P.

THIS IS THE STORY OF A GIRL WHO HAS severe cerebral palsy and whose parents tell their experiences throughout this period of continuous struggle cerebral palsy – how to raise children with this problem for Juan Carlos Velez Date: July 7th, 2004 Time 9:00 a.m. born DANIELA. Birth Weight: 3 kg 360 gr. Height: 50 cm Sign: Cancer Place of Birth: Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati – Lima – Peru’s father: Juan Carlos’s mother: Lucia Brothers does not have this life story of two parents who have gone through very strong events a fateful May 18, 2005. A medical malpractice took Daniel to a respiratory arrest that caused a cerebral edema that caused severe cerebral palsy …

BEFORE MAY 18, 2005 Daniel was a girl with a good percentage of their normal health. While it is true that she came into the world with a problem DANDY WALKER CONTROL hydrocephalus during their first 10 months had a fairly normal development DANIELA noted for being a very lively girl, very cheerful and smiling. The expectation of life with her was very encouraging When he was a day’s life was looking very deep. My wife and I conceive DANIELA with all the love in the world, we both married, young and so it was a girl want! One of the lessons we learned from Daniel is that when a couple has a son or daughter to an older age than ordinary mortals.