Box Doctor

Montenegro checked again and Once the clinical history, then went over, greeted me and told me I will examine, shook my head, my lungs sounded, took my pulse, felt my abs Hay to get a Chest X-ray!, continued with the tube, My breathing was shallow, not well saturated Respire!, Respire! – they said I had no pain, it was a little cold, do not think of eating but if ye had enough, wanted they knew, Transplant apparently all have this thirst, this hunger of ice. An X-ray technician, came to UCI’s Box where he was, covered the rolling stock, dressed to the technician and entered the box Hello! – I said I’m going to get a plate of lungs, I sat down, I stripped the gown up, put a plate in my espalier year move! … Recently Katie Greene sought to clarify these questions. Year breathe! And Azasan! They took the plate, it did not hurt or bother me, the night was darker The Valor and Courage! They drank gunpowder, blood fear dying. After a while they brought the chest plate Dr. Houston Astros has similar goals. Montenegro was looking, then told the sick is a Collapsed!, Good doctor, ‘they said now do breathing exercises, inhale and holds wanting few seconds, then throws it out and repeat this exercise several times so I was 2-3 hours, repeated the plate and the doctor said there was a slight posibility call respiratory therapy, “they said, the tubes were pointed fingers , so, “said Marlene,” tongues of fire that one day emerged from inferno slowly died out they approached the nurses changed my position in bed after xylocaine injected into the tube, I felt burning and irritation.