Curare Production

Curare production cooperative EC initiated the project of freelance Willroth: the newly founded curare productive cooperative EC (iGr) makes with the freelance project a new professional perspective for the distribution of investment products available. The turmoil in the financial world and the uncertainties in the national implementation of EU directives on intermediaries have also light up the future fears the intermediaries of financial services at the clients of brokers. To enable a predictable security to the intermediary as well as for the customers, here, the newly established productive cooperative curare has EC”to resolutely under his own name to call the freelance project. The curare EC is aimed with the freelance project”to all intermediaries which is an additional income, or an own independence want to build on the mediation of cooperative shares within the framework of the saving habit after the investment law and the promotion of housing construction. For this purpose, which has EC curare”products by “selected cooperatives is selected in the framework of the audit by the curare, EC” for the customer a modern investment product to capacity building and to the intermediary an instrument to build of a second income to provide. “For both the customer and the broker to recognize the advantages of the contemporary wealth creation, EC was by curare” project Ciao LV “recorded as a supplement in the context of objective and timely assets structure in the product portfolio. The project Ciao LV is solely concerned with the resolution of capital pensions and life insurance in the framework of the legal dispute with the insurer responsible for the customers.

The capital released can be used for a meaningful and protected investment in terms of wealth creation. For more information about the possibilities of communicating the products and the creation of a supplementary income or an own professional independence in Curare information see secondary EC.