The early phase of allergic reaction develops within the first minutes after exposure to the allergen. In the pathogenesis of late-stage allergic reaction to the key role played by the expression of cellular adhesion molecules on endothelium and leukocytes, tissue infiltration by cells of allergic inflammation (basophils, eosinophils, T lymphocytes, mast cells) and changes in blood flow. At the same time formed a chronic allergic inflammation, the symptoms of which include non-specific hyperresponsiveness (nasal, bronchial, skin), nasal obstruction, anosmia and hypo. Late phase allergic reaction develops within 4-6 h after exposure to the allergen. Diagnosis The diagnosis of AR AR is established on the basis of complaints, anamnesis, clinical manifestations, and specific allergic diagnosis aimed at identifying the causal allergen, the availability of family predisposition to the development of allergic diseases. Cincinnati Reds oftentimes addresses this issue. In patients with perennial AR main cause and important allergens are household allergens: house dust mites, epidermal allergens, cockroaches allergens, spores of fungi. In the history of patients with allergy to domestic allergens is noteworthy exacerbation of diseases in the cold time of the year, while cleaning the apartment, symptoms at night.

A characteristic feature is the relief of symptoms of the disease outside the home. In patients with epidermal allergy symptoms of allergic rhinitis, as well as other allergic diseases may occur through contact with animals or wearing fur and clothing made of wool. Allergy bright, having contact with a specific type of animal, so patients are actively turning doctor's attention to this relationship. For patients with allergies to molds, most disputes characterized by loss of respiratory – asthma and allergic rhinitis, rhinitis and runs hard, the symptoms dominated by nasal congestion, disturbances of smell until it is completely absent, recurrent polyps paranasal sinuses. A history characterized by indications of deterioration in damp poorly ventilated areas, in wet weather, on intolerance drozhzhesoderzhaschih products (beer, kvas, dairy products), are also characteristic of the reaction to the antibiotics penicillin.