Ear Infections

Dogs and cats are often prone to ear infections. We all know that dogs and cats have a sense of amazing hearing, and when infection of the ear, a discomfort and extreme pain they have experienced. Due to Earwax, dirt and parasites can easily become jammed and consequently lead to an ear infection. Infections more common ear which are considered domestic animals include otitis media (infection of the middle ear) and otitis externa (infection of the external ear canal). The ear infections tend to affect certain breeds of dog more than others. Dog breeds for example water of cocker, Schnauzers and poodles miniature dogs develop ear infections frequently while in cats, Persian castes are also more susceptible to these infections. Ear infections can lead to more serious problems such as hearing loss and neurological difficulties.

However, with proper diagnosis and prompt treatment, infections of the ear can be treated successfully. Common symptoms and signs of an ear infection include: * shaking his head or carrying out a side * scratching at the ears * pain in the ear * rubbing ears against furniture or carpet * download yellow, brown or black in the ears * ears are red, inflamed or soft * foul smell of ears in addition, if you develop an infection of the middle earsymptoms of facial paralysis can occur. The eyelids of your pet can be tilted with the facial muscles, difficulty swallowing as well as loss of balance. What causes ear infections? The majority of ear infections are caused by bacterial infections or yeast. Other factors that can also contribute to ear infections include the accumulation of wax, dirty, coarse, matted hair trapped in the canal hearing or other foreign bodies. Allergies, ear, ulceration, mite the tumors, improper cleaning of the ear or the damaged drainage from the ear can also cause ear infection. Diagnosis of ear infections an infection of the middle or inner ear diagnosis is based on symptoms as well as a careful examination of the ear.