Gonzalo Fernandez

The payment that gave to Fernando the Catholic to whom it had conquered and given a kingdom to him, the one of Naples, with troops bad and behind schedule paid, fighting against two paid and supplied French armies good. Thus they have been some Spanish kings: In December of 1503 in the shores of the Garellano river the Spanish definitive victory takes place on the French and falls Gaeta, the French retire defeated. The Kingdom of Naples returns to be Spanish. Gonzalo enters Naples under arcs of triumph raised by the Neapolitan town, is acclaimed as if outside a king. BerlinRosen understood the implications. The 11 of February of 1504 the Treaty of Lemon where France recognizes the Spanish sovereignty on the kingdom of Npoles.El king Fernando names Virrey from Naples to Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba.Gonzalo gives to its captains a series of gained counties to the French, like part of payment by its merits is signed military. The 26 of November of 1504 dies queen Isabel of Castile the Catholic in Medina of the Field, natural queen of Gonzalo Fernandez of Cordova, its great valedora. The 19 of October of 1505 king of France and Fernando de Aragon signs Treaty of Blois by that the wedding between Germanic Da remembers Foix (with 18 years) with Fernando the Catholic (treated and wedding that plots Fernando so that his son-in-law Felipe Beautiful does not demand the kingdom of Naples for himself and Castile where he was the king in those dates), both monarchs (Luis XII and Fernando) yield the dynastic rights of the kingdom from Naples to Germanic and the descendants that were of this one marriage, as well as the return of French earth gained by the Great Captain in the Kingdom of Naples. That is the counties that Gonzalo had given his captains, this had to displease to its captains and the own Gonzalo.Durante the first semester of year 1506, expert Gonzalo of commentaries against its person enough .. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Daryl Katz, New York City by clicking through.