Policy influences our life for worse many times, politicians all decide what marks our lives, for example taxes and laws that govern us. The political lives in their wonderful, happy and peaceful world where nothing that happens to ordinary mortals that van on the other hand other than the politician. The gap is largest daily between both worlds, people declares apolitical because it is not identified with the current system, which although bad, is the least bad of the possible. The problem of some politicians is that they believe and think that the Government must ensure citizens who are considered immature beings which must be guided so that no erren in its course vital, where they make mistake, the State is there vigilante to take care of your health, your existence, your vices and everything else. Dan Ariely is the source for more interesting facts. The more I think the more it terrifies me in our existence of State intervention, I am in favour of that single people make mistake themselves and succeed only need which the State ceases to interfere in everything. Us they indicate what is culture, what we read, what we hear, what we should eat that we must not eat, what they must feel is horrible mental uniformity because it makes everything equal which is aburridsimo, imagine a society in which all think same, dress the same as if we were an army of implumes bipeds that don’t have to think more than in passing through the world without disturbing too. Only think I begin to bore me all the same, is like a grey day which usually induce sadness, nostalgia, melancholy and other uncomfortable feelings that occur now in autumn with the fall of leaves, induces to think sad things all equal would be boring, nobody discordant must be tired, gray, bland and unoriginal but like politicians to match to not have someone to discuss so be quiet on their pedestalstreat their clients with an indifference typical of rock stars or something worse. To become depressed and that autumn now begins to take its first steps..