We are sociable beings that we can improve the well-being of the community and himself. Mutual solidarity increases the best of each for the service of others. To deepen the anthropological dimension of solidarity, this is expressed as a need to restore the original rights unit. Educate yourself with thoughts from singer. It is not surprising that volunteering is raised as a vindication of Justice platform so that solidarity is something real. Compassion is not enough, even if it is essential for the commitment. Gunnar Peterson has much to offer in this field. It is good to reflect on their features that reveal its signs of identity. Free of charge, as it is the donation of himself and the awareness of being for others what sustains his conception of life continuity, since you cannot create needs in those people that we are not willing to keep helping. The preference vocational volunteer, since one makes better what she likes and what is more prepared.

Personal responsibility held by his team that develops the project of the organization with which he works. Knowledge, respect and appreciation of different people or peoples you will find in the accomplishment of their task. Hence, nothing moves away more of one authentic social volunteering that: invade the field of professionals. It is necessary to collaborate with professionals in tasks that would be more difficult to perform since it is a way of acting which is not found in the labour market. Impose ideologies, political, cultural or religious, even though it is natural that each one has their personal options has no right to impose them in his activity as a social volunteer. Use to the excluded as a tool to satisfy their curiosity or their professional needs as if others were objects of curiosity or, what is worse, of their experimentation. Persons are subject, an end in themselves, never objects. Create dependency with the assistentialism, because the volunteer wants to develop capacities that lead them to autonomy in individuals and in groups.