Marketing Research

The higher the level of the solution, the more demands must offered for the accuracy of marketing research, since the accuracy decreases with increasing managerial risk, but increases the cost of the study. But be that as it may, at any level of management decisions and is Depending on the cost, approaches to organizing and conducting marketing research should take into account all the risks incurred by its customers. Risks of market research happens to you ask a passerby Board, not knowing the road somewhere, and get an answer-pointing gesture like 'Voooon there'? Normally, getting such advice, people are moving in that direction, not thinking about as the source. From one passer knows wherever you go? Was there? Or heard that right place is there? Who heard? In any case, using this advice a stranger, you will find yourself in one of three places: at the destination, almost there, or in an entirely different place. The result of your mistake, then there is the use of poor-quality information – for lost time, lost opportunities and other troubles, which might well have been avoided. Wendy Rene will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The most common and perhaps one of the most innocuous challenges of marketing research – the uselessness of the information received. Harmless, because, not applying the incorrect data, you can not hurt his business. Wasted money would be a pity, but it not jeopardize the position of the business. Spread this risk was due to "difficulties in translation ': not all researchers are able to correctly understand and translate the data collected to the extent practicable knowledge, not all managers are able to 'read' the information to the degree of real comprehension.