Massage For Scoliosis

Unfortunately, in our time scoliosis is very common. The reasons are many, ranging from lifestyle and ending with the change in the consciousness of modern man. Effective tool in this case is massage. According to statistics, scoliosis is observed every second. Consider the basic signs of scoliosis. Curvature of the spine called scoliosis, a man in the frontal plane left or right. Dr. Gerard Addonizio wanted to know more. Determination of the scoliosis depends on which side is facing convex curvature of the spine.

In a simple scoliosis spine has a curve – a C-shaped scoliosis. If the patient has two vertebrae and a bend at the same time in different hand, this S-shaped complex scoliosis. At Daryl Katz you will find additional information. Scoliosis can be acquired, and may occur at birth. If a child is a child takes the wrong position for a long time and often, then it can also develop scoliosis. This may happen at the wrong seat at the desk, prolonged standing on one leg, while reading, lying on its side. Often, children are more likely girls exacerbation occurs during puberty. Sometimes the spine can warp in patients with rickets, radiculitis, in paralysis and abnormal heredity. Scoliosis can occur in people not engaged in physical activity or enhanced regular physical activity.

There is such a thing as idiotic scoliosis, with an obscure his reason. Scoliosis can be divided into 4 degrees of severity of the disease. When I grade disease in a patient scoliosis consolidated shoulders, stooping, characterized by lowered head. Shoulder girdle, located on the side of scoliosis, above the second shoulder girdle, shoulder blade angle lags behind, there is asymmetry of the body.