Mobile Industry

Rotenburg is vehicle construction to the Mecca of mobile industry Tamco invites to the meeting point of mobile alternatives”this weekend, far more than 10,000 entrepreneurs from the so called mobile industries are expected in the District of Rotenburg (Wumme). Reason for this purpose are the Borco-Hanna-spring show and the Seico spring fair in Rotenburg. Others including Daryl Katz, New York City, offer their opinions as well. But in addition to these two known major events, another nearby exhibition of selling vehicles in the interest of mobile entrepreneurs is back this year for the first time. The fledgling Scheessel company Tamco automotive presents themed venue of mobile alternatives”, which are looking for experienced and successful market and Showmen: vehicles that sell, on high technical level, planned, designed, built and designed. While other manufacturers in their series-Middle Fahzeugen like to rely on semi-finished or finished chassis components from third-party, swears owner Wolfgang Tamke, individuality, made to measure, quality and longevity.

So is it also not surprising that Tamco chassis are generally individually manufactured and completely hot dip galvanized. Or that you prefer rather perfectly shaped aluminum and stainless steel instead of sandwich construction. Also on the subject of resourcenschonender market trading has been thought in the young Scheessel company and corresponding solutions ready: total network independence through solar energy. The system on the in-house exhibition is already so mature that even amenities like remote-controlled shunting drives in single – and dual followers not must be dispensed with. Also in the field of hydraulics, it sets standards at Tamco.

Completely submersible vehicle bodies or fully extendable counter facilities belong to everyday design, such as vehicle bodies with variable statements and extensions, with which a mobile distributor at seasonal variations and different pitches can always optimally present themselves here as well. A special highlight of the tailor-made sales vehicles by Tamco is on the In-house exhibition also can be seen: a Verkaufsmobil with self designed driver’s cab, that completely homogeneous connects with the sale structure; a real eye-catcher and an enrichment for every good weekly market. Michael M. Burger EUROCONS & advertising marketing & communications agency