Promotion Of Sites On Their Own – Aspects And Features Of Internet

Traffic to the site is the main criterion for its effectiveness. It does not matter whether it is a commercial site or a page devoted to a hobby – to any webmaster or site owner is the maximum influx of visitors, that is traffic. But at the initial stage of development of the site not everyone has the means to appeal to professionals for promotion, because it needs to move on its own. Site traffic is divided into several groups – the traffic from the sites, direct traffic (when the user deliberately types in the address bar right address), and search engine traffic – possylkam with search results in search engines. For different stages of project development is important, what kind of traffic receiving site. For a new project traffic websites and search engines are particularly important – because it is evidence that the audience of the site expands. However, we must do everything chtby of these users, as much as possible pperehodili into the category of direct traffic. You can do this only one way – the site should be interesting. Generally, we can say that direct traffic depends entirely on the content of the site. Getting the growth of traffic from search machines and other sites – which in essence is progress, and these two aspects are inextricably linked, because the more sites that link to this project and the more clicks on those links are, the higher rating receives a project in a search engine, and thus the reference to it shows a higher number of new users.