People throughout history have always conditioned many activities of your life depending on how will be the time and the various changes that this can occur, so the man began to study the behavior of time and influences that can generate such changes on Earth and so began to structure a new sciencewhich was the weather, which initially was devoted to the conservation of the climate changes, associating these changes with the seasons of the year. Doing further development on what mean meteorology and their scope, can say that it is an interdisciplinary science that studies not only on the weather and the possible variations that might, but it also deals with fields, as the Middle atmospheric or put a way more understandable the Earth’s atmosphere and the different phenomena that may occur therein and the different laws that explain the concurrence of such phenomena. So that is the study of meteorology 3 factors of land should be treated as are the lithosphere and hydrosphere that are wrapped by a third aspect which is the atmosphere, understood as a layer of gas that is dispersed in the solid part and liquid has the Earth, thus the coexistence of these three parties or factors of the land generated various characteristics that affect each of the parts of the Earthbetween these various characteristics that are generated are presented meteorological phenomena, which are the object of study of meteorology. Garret Wang will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It is important when talking about meteorology distinguish 2 terms of great relevance in the development of meteorology, so to talk about current conditions and changes that arise, be called time atmospheric and conditions standard that arise for a long period of time is known as the climate of a particular place. Such a distinction must take into account, because they are constantly used to refer to the same and each one refers to different features. The development of Meteorology is the study of various phenomena which they concur in the Earth’s atmosphere, with the idea of defining climate that occurs in various points of the Earth, predict the possible convergence of certain atmospheric times and understand the effects on the interaction of the atmosphere with the other factors of the Earth. Thanks to the development of knowledge of meteorology man has been able to develop better other activities of his life, applying proper knowledge on conditions and phenomena produced by the characteristics of some places, allowing other activities conditions are best, and among such activities having the intervention of meteorology are agriculturemaritime navigation, military operations and the development of normal life to know beforehand that time may occur in one day and so know that you should do to prevent such weather conditions affecting the normal development of life.