Tanning Without Sun

OK, so there have been a couple of days of constant rain, and going to the beach is not an option. But you’re starting to notice your pasty white skin, and would like to do something about it. Or … is January and tanning outside is a bit faster. So you head to a tanning bed, and – avoila! – In a few minutes, you have as you wanted. What is the problem with this scenario? You are inevitably going to receive complaints from people who say that a tanning bed is somehow dangerous. Nonsense. Charles Margulis is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A tanning bed is not “dangerous” is a “coffin voluntary” (to quote my mother’s dermatologist) and is not stupid.

It is a way to get tan, a way to get the required dosage of your body of vitamin D. Your body does not differentiate: UV rays react on the skin you’re in the sand for a few hours, or spend 10 minutes in a tanning bed. 10 minutes is a good rule of thumb is approximately equal to an hour in the sun. It’s easy, relatively cheap (look for deals) and is especially good for those times when you do not have time to spend in the sun, or can not for the weather. Of course, see your time. Most places will not let you use more than 20 minutes a pop, but even that is a long time, if they have not had any exposure to UV rays for a while.

Start slowly, ease, and enjoy your tan. And if its December, enjoy the envy of your friends’ pasty skin.