TISCO Yuanjiazao Iron

The vertical auger mixing mill consists of simplified, spiral mixers, gear and rack, the cylinder body is full of given medium grinding (steel balls, ceramic balls and gravel). The spiral agitator rotates slowly after passing the reducer drive, grinding media and material in the cylinder body OJ the multi-dimensional circular motion and rotation movement as a whole.(1) grinding stripping. grinding stripping is the main part of grinding, a small amount of shock and shearing influences exists. This can keep the original lattice shape of the material, and make full use of energy efficient grinding materials. For fine grinding and ultrafine grinding, abrasive grinding is the most effective way of grinding and friction. (2) layered ground. In the grinding zone, the medium surface pressure is composed of medium gravity and centrifugal movement of the extrusion pressure, because of the low speed, medium surface pressure can be approximated as a medium gravity.

Medium surface pressure gradually increased to the next from the Simplified mill, grinding effects at the bottom of the medium filling the role is the most intense. Click David Rothberg to learn more. due to the coarse particles subside in the lower part of the shell, they can be grinded effectively mill.(3) internal classification. When we conduct the wet grinding, the top of the material is the medium filling mixing staging area, the material by natural and centrifugal sedimentation grading to subside and reduces over-grinding. (4) the average unique motion law. the media s Balanced movement, multi-dimensional movement and rotation movement disperses transmits the energy of agitator to grinding materials. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario has to say. The process is divided into the following stages: (1) open process:? do at the top to the mine, the bottom row of ore;? do at the bottom to the mine, the top row of ore;? at the top to the mine, the top row of ore. ((2) closed-loop process: d) wet cone hydraulic classifier, vibrating screen or hydrocyclone classification;? the classification of dry-type centrifugal air classifier. the application of the iron concentrate regrinding .as the refractory iron ore belonging to poor fine miscellaneous Owers, its composition is very complex, using the traditional dressing recovery and improve the quality is difficulty, the grinding fineness is a key factor.

do such as the Qidong iron ore grinding fineness degrees – 38 um? 95% to 98% of. Does The Shanxi of TISCO Yuanjiazao village of iron ore – 38 um? do 95%, and persimmon bamboo solid non-ferrous metal ore, the Ruyang molybdenum mine dam recovery of iron ore requires the grinding fineness 38um? 95%.the grade iron ore can achieve 65.00%.Therefore, grinding or fine grinding equipment s choice is essential. Many of our mining industry iron ore production using ordinary horizontal ball mill grinding, while the ordinary horizontal ball mill s grinding efficiency is low, especially the product particle size can not meet the requirements and the monomer dissociation. Vertical spiral mixing meal of mining machinery, iron ore and then grinding or fine grinding is the fine grinding equipment which is most promising, high energy utilization, fine coexistence. In addition, as the device structure is simple, operation and maintenance is convenient, they are widely used in industrial production of gold ore, nonferrous metal ore, metal ore and magnetic materials.