Travel: America The Dream Destination For 2009

America has dislodged Australia from the top of the dream destination., Cologne, August 26, 2009 while still in 2004 in a poll of the Forsa Institute ranked Australia against the United States, so is the most popular dream destination of among Germans according to a survey conducted by TNS infratest 1002 persons aged 14 or over the United States for the first time after many years again. The United States is one of the favourite destinations of the Germans were already in the 70s, 80s and 90s. But while the Bush era America as a dream destination ground lost in favour of Australia. The old order of precedence, in the popularity of tourist destinations is now restored thanks to the worldwide Obama euphoria. Also Germany has lost jobs in the past decade compared with the United States and Australia. While Germany 1997 faced as a dream destination still ranked the United States (survey of leisure Research Institute B.A.T..

in 1997) it now slipped to third place. The dream holiday destination of German 2009 United States Australia Germany Spain Caribbean Islands source: TNS infratest survey, January 2009. According to Aziz fails when 67% of those surveyed the implementation of these dreams but often on the missing money. But in the summer / fall of 2009 there is the unique constellation now, that more travelers actually can afford the dream destination of United States. The reason is the increased purchasing power of the euro against the dollar and the fact that in addition the prices for hotel and travel services in the United States drastically fallen due to the economic and employment crisis in the United States. Who long of Hawaii, Florida, California, Grand Canyon, route 66, New York City, statue of liberty, Niagara dreams of waterfalls, Hollywood and Disney World, which should now seize the opportunity and to fulfill his lifelong dream.