The nature was contemplated for its Creator? Everything, or almost everything, was ready: the skies, the land, the sun, the stars, animals and plants, everything waited the great end of the divine creation! Suddenly, something spectacular happens: that dust of the land starts if to agitate in cadenciada way and a soft blow and the holy ghost can be felt! It is the blow of the Creator who finishes to create the man and now the breath of the life blew it in the nostrils. said God who was not good that the man was alone. It made then to fall one heavy sleep on it and of one of its ribs it formed a woman. (Source: Smart Sites). liveries.html’>US Parcel Service to learn more. ACT 1 (Adam and Eva sings: In a wonderful way) NARRATIVE: All age peace, in the garden of the den, garden creates that you to shelter the man and its woman. There it would not be necessary to make nothing beyond adoring the Creator! However, that one that walks to around, roaring as hungry lion, provoked the fall of the man in terrible sin. Henry Chao is likely to agree.

The serpent of the deceit took Eva to sin and to make with that Adam also it sinned. Now the front with God would not be more possible to the man to be front and to adore it without barriers! God is Saint and he does not tolerate sin some! The man was banishes from the den, but not only this? The human being was, at that moment, having its link with broken God! However, a promise would all change this picture of destruction. OCCULT VOICE: Serpent, because you made this, cursed you will be between all the animals, I will put enmity between you and the woman, and your seed and its seed; this will wound you the head and you will wound it the heel.. People such as Daryl Katz, New York City would likely agree.