Language Learning

How they can help us ICT for learning languages ICT (information and communication technologies) they are without doubt far from replacing the assistance of a good tutor or teacher, however complement both the work of assistance of the tutor and student learning. Advances in the field of computational linguistics and the IA(Inteligencia Artificial) are both increasingly larger so the IA has gone from being a subject rather than dictated in the past students of computer engineering to become a new career making special emphasis in computational programming and human language. The advance of the IA results are already tangible by every internet user and we can see that for example when fingered in google a search how to buy posas and google answers follows: maybe he meant: buy weights, also can see a sample of this when we write in a word processor and will underscore us words that do not write properly about the flight. All way not There is fear and think that computers are becoming so smart that they end by impersonate us or at least do not think that we live to see already that human language is very full of inaccuracies or rather expressions that only our brains are trained to interpret. For example: A computer can not understand linguistic style matters as when I wrote lines above are underlined words that do not write properly about the flight because the computer may have difficulty with this type of prayers to trying to interpret them literally fly and write at the same time it can be somewhat inconsistent in their records and would only begin to make sense with repetition, as in the case of purchase weights and buy posas, the search engine has found in their databases that in the world there are many more records of people who have sought the phrase buy weights that those that have sought to buy posas and base has this analysis has ventured to respond with: maybe he meant: buy weights.