The Fish-ox In Brazil

The Ministry of the Environment (MMA) and Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Recursos Naturais Renovveis (IBAMA) had created Centro Mamferos Aquticos (CMA) through Portaria 143-N of 22 of October of 1998, in view of the well-known necessity of raising, better knowing and to analyze the Brazilian species of aquatic mammals. As it is known, the Center already existed under the form of Project Fish-ox since 1980, and tried to elaborate a diagnosis of the reality of the animal in Brazil, Being been transformed into 1990 in the National Center of Conservation and Handling of Sirnios (Center Fish-ox), decentralized unit of the IBAMA. (RASP, 2003) the Project Fish-ox was created by the Federal Government in 1980, from the idea of raising the situation and evaluating the risks of extinguishing of the marine fish-ox in Brazil. Gunnar Peterson understood the implications. How it is known, the project received the status from National Center of Conservation and Handling of Sirnios, a decentralized unit of the IBAMA? Brazilian institute of the Environment and the Natural resources You renewed in 1990. From this year, it started to count on the support technician, scientific and administrative at the time of the FMA – Foundation Aquatic Mammals (FMM? Foundation Marine Mammals), a not-governmental organization, legal entity of private law, however, without lucrative ends. The FMA, during all these years has caught financial resources next to entities of public law and private and invested in the Project Fish-ox (RASP, 2003). , .

The History Of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique of marking used in the method of reproduction of documents on any type of material, and consists of the transfer of an ink through a mesh stretched with a framework. This technique of marking is an age-old technique and it is believed that its existence dates back to ancient China, where it is said that were used in hair of women who are hit roles, forming various drawings. With the passage of the years, the material was changed to silk. Likewise, to make stickers that were applied in various articles and in Europe this marking system was used to print fabrics. Here, Rand Paul expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The first results products of this mark, appear in United States in 1916 with a pending grant note and the first granted note is in 1918.

The first occasion on which this technique was used for artistic purposes was with Guy Maccoy in 1932 and until 1938 when he presented his first exhibition of serigraphy. This process of marking has boom in United States with photography and with different chemicals, where takes an impressive boom, since we discover that it is a very versatile method to print on various materials, and today has become one of the most popular methods of marking around the world. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

Man Illnesses

If it will be around, neutral water; of 6 for low acid and 8 for basic top. a river that is not considered healthful it does not present these characteristics for some reasons, being in its majority caused by the man. But the pollution that we enxergamos is that one caused by the sewer of the houses, that launches in the rivers the food remaining portion and a type of bacterium that of them if it feeds: they are the calls aerbicas bacteria, them they consume oxygen and they destroy the life aquatic and moreover they can cause health problems will have been ingested. This water starts to be considers contaminated water that is that one that transmits illnesses, therefore beyond containing microorganisms, remaining portions of animals, larvae and eggs of worms, this water is not potable, then it does not have to be used. The water poluda is different of the contaminated water, therefore this is that one that has smells fort, well dark color, that modified its natural characteristics, that is, left of being pure and healthful for the beings livings creature.

The substances that if they mix in the water are called pollutant agents who very make badly to the beings livings creature. Poluda with contaminated water is very common the people to confuse water, and a river can have its contaminated waters and poludas at the same time. The contaminated water or poluda is harmful to the health, because this water can contain pathogenic organisms or chemical substances capable to cause illnesses to the man being these called illnesses of hdrica propagation, and to use has it that to submit it procesos of very expensive purificao. 2.2 Which are the pollution forms the water suffer to contamination for the calls sources from contamination, the supplying water pass for a rigorous treatment e, only later, are distributed for the residences, where linkings exist domiciliary.

The Illnesses

Water the society as a whole, and in it the educators has u basic paper, needs to be conscientious of the immediate and future problems that the pollution of the water cause and will go to cause. Moreover, she is necessary that let us worry in them about the wastefulness of the water, its improper use, that tends to reduce its availability. ‘ ‘ It considers that Brazil withholds between 12% and 15% of water candy of the planet and that about 80% of this reserve this intent one in the Amazonian basin. one will detail important: 20% remains are distributed by the remaining portion of the country, having taken care of 95% of the population. is exactly in these regions that we have the biggest problems how much to the pollution and the use of gua’ ‘. (KHOL, 1995, P.

65). 5. Pollution the contamination of the water can happen for causes of the lack of basic sanitation in cities (ousting of sewer directly in the rivers and courses d water), for discarded liquid material for industries (Called effluent) discarding of garbage in the used water, agrotxicos in agriculture among others material. The pollution has a direct action on the people who have contact with the water poluda, causing illnesses, as clera, tifo and hepatitis, without counting leptospirose, gastrointestinal disturbances, infections in the eyes, ears, throat and nose. This action also can occur because of the contamination of the fish that serve of food the populations that live to the edges of the rivers and seas. But the pollution of waters does not exert only direct actions on the human beings.

The pollution cause many other indirect, so serious damages how much to the illnesses. The ground is an element that can harm the water very, when carreado for the water courses. Because of agricultural and cattle activities, especially during the plantation of cultures, it sounds made mechanized operations that include arao, gradagem and others, that disaggregate the ground, leaving it without vegetal covering, and reducing its infiltration capacity of water.

Natural Resources

To prevent positions extremely exaggerated, alarmistas and passionals of heralds of the apocalypse is the way more indicated to understand the problem better. In case of doubts on so antagonistic positions for a quandary so complex, still for times covered of uncertainties, has of if making choices. In this scene, the way most correct is the action in the direction to protect the environment, therefore in the nature punishment does not have prizes nor, only consequncias, and is certain that the human being modified the chemical composition of the planet. Still one is unaware of the limits of tolerance of the nature and which its break-even point, but it is known that many limits had been exceeded and science and the technology, in set with forces of common-sense of the organized society, go to show the ways of the ambient preservation and the homostasis of the planet. After all, since the primrdios, the man interacts with the environment in search of balance and survival, and this harmony is obstructed by the population increase sped up and consumption on a large scale of the natural resources. The Holoceno period, during which it appeared and if it developed the civilization human being, propitiated extensive and longeva comfort zone, with climate and temperature in balance state and few abrupt changes. On the other hand, a critical moment is lived where the environment comes firmly being lead for a disequilibrium point, without return to its statu is better status quo.

All climatic system, given to its non linearity, can be loosed balance quickly of a state for another one, in search of a new stability, with consequncias unexpected, but certainly catastrophic. The ecosystems have to have the capacity of resilience or elasticity necessary to support the deformations and to retake its form original, in order to supply foods, energy, water and climatic stability in favor of the balance and of the continuity of the life. However, if it does not respect the necessary time for the recovery of the natural capital, for the opposite, is extracted more of the nature than its capacity of restoration. Per long years, the human being has committed the injure-humanity crime, when transforming, to modify and to attack the four physical elements of the nature: the ground, the water, air and the solar energy. Much time was lost in the race for the mitigao of the actual damages for the human being to the nature, a time that not return more and that certainly it left serious consequncias and sequelas. It is possible to see the past, but not to modify it, already the future can be influenced, but if it cannot see it. It is preferable, then, that the current generation can be recognized in the future for having acted of firm form and resoluta in the protection of the environment.

The future is constructed to day after day, rock on rock. It has given, facts and information that they make possible to enxergar to the front without great myopic distortions, of form to allow the taking of safe decisions to offer to the future generations a healthful life and of quality. The current generations, guests and gentlemen of the nature, who had not inherited the planet Land of the grandmothers, but had not taken loaned by its children, must take care of to the necessities and aspirations of the gift without compromising the capacity also to take care of to the ones of the future. This is sustainable development: perennial, perpetual, perpetual, that it imposes limits for a survival question.

Armed Forces

The renewal of composition of these collegiate ones is made to each 2 (two) years, as it comes occurring since the year of 2003, through resolutions of the CONAMA, having been integrated for diverse States, integrant of the too much regions politics? South, Southeast, Center-West and Northeast, as will be demonstrated more ahead, except, for States of the Region North. But, never, until then, a State of the Amaznia integrated this so important chamber technique. 2.? DESCRIPTION the CTEA was created in 1995, in temporary character, through Resolution CONAMA n 11, of 10.10.95, having ' ' as objective to argue and to consider to the plenary assembly, norms of efetivao and incentive of the ambient education, the level of formal and informal education, form to contribute for the formation of a conscience of the sustainable development in the Pas' ' (sic). It established that resolution that then the temporary CT would have observers that they would participate of the meetings with right the voice, and that the House of representatives and Federal Senate would be indicated by. She was composed for Council members of the CONAMA, representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Agriculture, the Supplying and the Agrarian Reformation; Ministry of the Education and Sport; Health department; General staff of the Armed Forces; IBAMA; Government of the State of the Bahia; Government of the Federal District; Government of the State of the Espirito Santo; Government of the State of Gois; Government of the State of the Paraba; Government of the State of Pernambuco; Government of the State of Santa Catarina; Government of the State of Sergipe; Representative Civil entity of the Northeast Region; National association of Cities and Environment. Interesting to attempt against that the cited CT was constituted of representatives of almost all the regions of Brazil? Northeast (BA, PB, FOOT, IF), Center-West (GO, DF), Southeast (YOU ARE), South (SC), except of the Region North.

Public Health

Its initiatives, according to Vaz (1995), search to improve aqualidade of life of the population, as well as attenuating or eliminating sociaisrelacionados problems, mainly, with questions of hygiene and public health, work, education, transport and nutrition. Many of the social problems have mannering origin, comoo cigarette consumption, the accidents in the transit, the growth of the AIDS, entreoutros. The social marketing offers a mechanism to face these problems, being stimulated the people to adopt healthful styles of life. Influenciarno only can the individuals, but also the organizations, the politicians and gruposde interest. (DAYS, 2007, P. 55) the use of the strategies of socialcorporativo marketing, according to Days (2007), happens in the modification of the image of the company, in long stated period, in way that the searched social value becomes into atributospara the mark. For Axe Son (2006), the rational implementation destasestratgias opens chance so that the companies can revert imagensnegativas already established, as well as minimizing the risks of the loss of reputation, exploring aosconcorrentes chances of differentiation front. New terms, as social, ticaempresarial responsibility, private social investment, social, sustentabilidadesocial, filantropia rocking corporative, voluntariado, among others, see sendoassociados to the social marketing, according to Sources (2008), in an attempt instituiesexplicarem of and justifying them its social investments, ahead of mudanasque see occurring in the market.

This association is possible, according to Zenone (2006), for the fact of these terms to be in the same semantic field. In the corporative scope, the performance socially responsveladotada by the majority of the great companies happens, according to Acar et al (2006), nabusca for solutions for the social problems that the alone government not to conseguesolucionar. This philosophy, directed toward the practical one of actions that take asempresas if to compromise to the community where is inserted, comes sendoincluda in strategical planning of some companies whom, according to etal Mello (2008), they search to develop a more sustainable productive system, without, however, to leave to get profits.