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The franchise, by its management, meets these needs. Nobody questions, today, the need for a proper physical exercise and, however, are still more than 78% women who have never visited a gym in Spain. The main barriers that manifest this important group of women that does not perform any type of physical activity are, at 85%, the problem of lack of time and the need for customization of the service. In part this is due to the traditional gym little adapts to what current women want. And that is our challenge, explains Connie Ruiz, President of Vivafit. Vivafit is an exclusive fitness and pilates Center for women in providing a complete exercise method in 30 minutes, pilates and a program of nutritional education, all in a fun family atmosphere.

This franchise allows today’s woman kept in the form of a quickly, since an instructor encouraged, corrected and motivates but always respecting the rhythm of the client. The total capital needed to establish itself as a franchisee oscillates between 120,000 and 130,000 euros, including a Fund of manoeuvre, a right of entry of 14.433 euros and hydraulic machinery. In addition, a royalty of exploitation of 750 euros, a technological rate of 150 euros and a royalty of advertising of 300 euros. Vivafit in social networks: for more information: 44 409 91 Jjcomunicaccion 94 analysis technical bag: bag news, invest in stock market, Forum actions bag fine to the founders of The Pirate Bay: Noticias2D market sentiment raised in the short term as Ireland finished rescue stationery FIFA 2011 Official Trailer Technical analysis of Telecinco correcting Darkhd.Com in the very short term by David Galan General bag, analysis of stock exchange and markets

Pilates Reformer

Pilates is a training technique that involves body and mind, through a correct breathing, concentration and body alignment. This type of training focuses on the muscles of the torso (Core Powerhouse), and from them combines exercises that involve all the muscles in the body. Breathing accompanies all the movements, connecting the body with the mind and creating a space of harmony and balance. Pilates Reformer uses an ergonomic machine highly versatile and easy to handle, especially designed for the practice of Pilates, which allows one to train the body to maintain perfect posture and alignment, what makes it to strengthen the deeper muscles that support the correct alignment of the spine and correct postures. In this way, Pilates Reformer allows you to prevent and relieve back pain, improve your abdominal strength, increase flexibility, and teaches him to manage his body in general. Source: supermodel. To the pilates reformer are considered passive gymnastics, and thanks to the type of entries made and used machines, can be done in the comfort of any person’s home. Anyway, the general recommendation is that anyone who wants to follow these exercise routines, avail itself of the services of a professional expert in the topic.

This in order to avoid possible muscular injuries or more serious complications. ** The pilates reformer were designed more than 30 years ago, and its effectiveness has been proven throughout this time by millions of people around the world. If you are open to try new way to exercise you, but you don’t have much time in your daily agenda, then it is time that you give a chance to this modality of exercises. ** The pilates have been recommended for people with difficulties in the spine, hip and joints; because that does not require sudden movements during the routines. In fact, if they are conducted in an appropriate manner, it is virtually impossible to physical injury of any kind. Finally we want to emphasize the need for prior to the purchase of machines for pilates throw or start a daily routine, consult with your personal physician and use a professional pilates exercises. Thus you will know first hand your limitations, and you do not expondras to unnecessary risk. Quest Diagnostics is open to suggestions.

Innovative training for the mind and the body benefits. Provides muscle strengthening. Corrects postural imbalances. It improves muscle control and trains the body to prevent possible injury. Improves flexibility. It improves coordination and body awareness. It prepares the body for daily activities. TYPES of classes group class: class which may be up to 6 persons, under the supervision and 1 Instructor advice at the time. Semipersonalizado: Class in which two people at the time received counseling de1 Instructor. There can be up to 2 classes semipersonalizadas at the time in the classroom. Pilates reformer

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Even the peasant scarves tied in the summer so that only her eyes visible. A person's body tried to hide most of the sun. Not by chance that our grandmothers and great grandmothers was a fashion accessory old umbrella, a hat, including men. So who is the main enemy of the DNA damage your skin? It turns out that the free radicals. They accumulate in the body due to many reasons. But largely as a result of UV exposure sun. Ultraviolet radiation is invisible, and have varying degrees of skin damage. The most important are UVA UVB and-radiation.

UVB rays penetrate the upper layers of skin and are the primary cause of burns and some cancers. UVA rays can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. They cause long-term consequences – the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration or changes in color and coarse skin. Not exclude the emergence of melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer). To protect the skin from these effects, we use a variety of sunscreen. However, there is a misconception that sunscreens with high protection factor SPF protect DNA from damage. But in fact, the level of SPF allows a certain degree of efficiency to block UVB rays. A considered less dangerous UVA rays are more dangerous because penetrate much deeper into the skin, bringing the more serious DNA damage and other skin texture.

But not so bezishodno. Recent advances in the search for ways to restore the skin allow the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen action. This protection from stressful due to the penetration of the skin as UVB and UVA rays, allow the skin to perform the functions of regeneration of cells. And antioxidants have gained in zschitnyh creams, can neutralize free radicals and DNA damage to warn. What else should keep in mind to protect your skin? The safest approach – to minimize sun exposure, especially from 10 am to 16 pm. Going out at any time year-round, even on an overcast day, be sure to put on the skin sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF level of at least 15. Toplis say-tan in age from 22 to 24 years. Before and after not rekomendutsya as UV rays stimulate tumor growth. But if you like tanned body, it is better to use tanning facilities, or that give the body a bronze sheen. But be aware that using these tools does not preclude the application of sunscreens. International Agency for Research on Cancer ukazyaet in direct relation to young people sunbathing and tanning salons occurrence of melanoma mortality rates. In the end, it is desirable to wear clothing covering the legs, arms, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses solntsezschitnye and other ways of protection from direct sunlight. Let's not forget that health is always in your hands.

Ideal Body Weight

In order to understand the time for you to sit on the diet and whether you suffer from excess weight, to start to calculate your ideal body weight. It can be found on the basis of weight and height were women. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from supermodel. It is assumed that if the growth of women subtract 110cm – this is her ideal weight. For example, if your height – 165cm, your ideal body weight 55kg. It is also assumed norm + – 5 kg. Many girls dream of universally accepted parameters: 90-60-90, but do not mistake that such options do not exist without a certain body type. After all, if a girl has, for example, thin build, then she would look at such settings beautifully. And if God gave a woman a broad and high bone growth, then these parameters will not look like that is not attractive, and even sad. Rand Pauls opinions are not widely known.

But if you present a few extra pounds, probably should go on a diet and do fitness. After all, except that the trim, slender woman looks beautiful, she is less likely to make heart disease, and endocrine system. There are plenty of diets for weight loss. But psychologists say that to withstand any of them until the end of may only 23% of all trying to eat "for science." Partially maintained a diet of 37% and the rest start and frustrated. Offer a few tips that will help sustain the dietary restrictions. In order to reduce feelings of hunger physiologists try to use aromatherapy. As soon as the feeling of hunger, hold the jar with scented oil or perfume to the nose. Because the hunger center and smell are close and have a mutual influence of each on the other.

Aroma of "scores" for some time the feeling of hunger. It is advisable to use the flower oil. If you are a sweet tooth and can not without cakes and sweets, then allow himself this, but not much. As sweets should not be a lot of fat, so it is best to choose sweets, marmalade or jelly. Would be appropriate to add honey to eat. Organism spends on the assimilation of honey a lot more energy than sugar.