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The developers of free software for blogs, WordPress missed the latest version of its popular program two months ago. The developers of free software for blogs, WordPress missed the latest version of its popular program two months ago. Since the release of WordPress 3.0 user downloaded about 11 million times the blogging program according to the information provided by WordPress Germany in the first six weeks. Now, recently, there is a maintenance update with WordPress 3.0.1. Gain insight and clarity with Garret Wang. The update is necessary not for the security, it corrected but 50 minor errors, this 55 tickets had been completed.

3.0.0 had helped by instructions prior to the release of WordPress many users to make the software one of the most secure version. Version 3.0 was one of the most comprehensive updates of the program in the history of the project. More than 1,200 bug fixes and corrections especially in the user interface are included. The theme TwentyTen”is part of the new standard. The English version of WordPress 3.0.1 can be found on the page of WordPress and can here be downloaded. On the servers of WordPress Germany one finds even the German version of 3.0.1 and a package to upgrade of this version. Alternatively, you can get the update via the dashboard.

In the administration area you can make updating the software via the menu item updates. As with every update, they should be usually previously carried backup of all files and databases. But the update is not without error. Users who have downloaded the new version in the first 20 minutes after the release and installed, is advised to make the repeated installation by using the Update menu. Here, an error was later included. Lena Cook

Online Advertising Budget

How well ‘sold’ to your website? Free website analysis of the WWG GmbH shows potential who is finding his website on Google under the natural top 10 results, can save costs. Costs that come with Google AdWords in the thousands. For comparison, Google AdWords, the paid ads at the right edge of the screen, company for every click a visitor must pay. A search term like lawyer Hamburg”5,000 visitors at least cost 10.150,-EUR (5,000 visitors x 2.03 EUR average price per click). Who ends up in the top 10 on Google, can be found by an unlimited number of prospective customers and pays nothing for each click. Quickly and sustainably with more prospects Marian Wurm, managing partner of Internet Agency WWG GmbH, insured: Professional search engine optimization we bring companies at a fraction of the above cost in the top 10 of Google. It pulls quickly and lastingly many new visitors to the site.” Of course, can In addition Google ads make sense? But not as a single promotion, because: many medium-sized companies put a lot of money in the text ads, are disappointed with the results but with law.

The price-performance ratio is often not very good”, so Marian Wurm. Therefore, his agency wants to prove that it is also cheaper. Instead of repeatedly putting a relatively high budget in paid Google ads, companies should be once found in the natural search results.” This succeeds only with a systematic search engine optimization. WWG GmbH offers free website analysis now the WWG GmbH offers all interested parties the opportunity to convince yourself of the benefits of search engine optimization. Who wants to know how he reaches more potential customers with less money, can request an analysis of his website completely free of charge and without obligation. In addition, the Internet Agency offers its customers a money-back guarantee 100ige.

The analysis can be requested under or adwords. To the The WWG GmbH companies to successfully prepare the Internet company as full service Internet Agency supports. The agency based in Brunswick offered as a partner for webdesign, Typo3 programming and online marketing.

European Commision

Under eLearning, it is generally understood the educational methods, were computer is used as the instructional medium.It is a planned educational experience, involving both teaching and… Introduction under eLearning, it is generally understood the educational methods, were computer is used as the instructional medium.It is a planned educational experience, involving both teaching and learning, using mainly IT technologies to reach its audience. \”The European Commision and the eLearning action plan (2001) defined it as: the use of new as of multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitation access to resources and services well as remote exchanges and collaboration.\” From e-learning to e-learning 2.0 the process of adapting traditional methods of distance learning what one of the logical foundations for e-learning, being the other the programmed computer based/supported learning. Distance education has since its very start always represented alternative to traditional forms of education and training, and therefore has had to battle for recognition and consequently early developed procedures for monstrating quality. The convergence of both traditional and computer based learning methods has organically evolved thanks to the parallell evolution of primitives of the online world into the so called web 2.0 giving birth to the concept of e-learning 2.0 terms like wiki (a hawaiian word for \”fast\”), blog, social network, podcast and feed, are by now familiar to million of internet users. They have become the ones who generate, use, share and remix the content, mutating from their previous passive role to a definetely hyperactive one.

The internet the average user has hanged dramatically in the last years, and so has changed with it. The democratization of the online world has provided the culture medium where users, regardless their interests, have found the way to connect the dots with like minded people around the globe. They have taken the creative role reserved previously to University proffesors and researchers, who already had the opportunity to network in a such manner during the past decades.

Apple IPod Dominated The End Of The Year In The Field Of Online Shopping

In a timely manner to the end of the year, and therefore time for the annual Christmas boom Apple has its new iPod series brand new iPod touch and the revised versions of the iPod nano and iPod classic as well as the first Apple mobile phone: the iPhone, released also in Germany! Already, Christmas 2006 was the Apple iPod the most popular product at the shopping and price comparison site Cubalaya.de. Also on other leading shopping include portals such as Amazon, in addition to other consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, navigation systems or LCD – and plasma screen TVs, consistently the most sought after and most wanted Christmas gifts. In addition to Cubalaya many online shopping experts assume that Apple but this time will take a position – iPhone – in the Christmas business this year the pole with the Apple. Also with the time identical publication of polished up bestsellers of iPod series together with the new and stylish iPod touch, the company did a wise move in the direction of Christmas boom. However, Apple is not the race fashion alone. So is being discussed in many places, if the exclusive contract with the German network operator T-Mobile could have negative impact on sales. Also, Apple is in a fierce competition with other companies. So the mobile phone maker Nokia plans to the sales start for the sophisticated and stylish Nokia N81, as the first device in the new N-series may already this year.

\”As in any year there is again some unexpected last minute trends\” type. But also in the important Christmas business category toy looks it, than transformer characters, which enjoy great popularity through the cinema Strip published this year, would, as expected, quite high especially in boys in the trend. On the wish lists of girls dolls or the classic Barbie are Zapf’s BABY born at the top.

Website Podcastde Wins

Website award Berlin-Brandenburg 2007 on the evening of 17 January 2008 the website was awarded in the Mendelssohn-Saal of the IHK Berlin podcast.de of Berlin founder Fabio Bacigalupo runner-up national award winner Berlin in the Berlin-Brandenburg website award through the centres of excellence for electronic commerce in the States of Berlin and Brandenburg. The website award Berlin-Brandenburg was awarded in January 2008 for the second time. Whenever celebrity trainer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At the awards ceremony, which took place this time in Berlin, were the winners of the second edition of this competition which motto looking for the next TOP Web site Berlin-Brandenburg”by celebrities from politics and administration. The ceremony was made linen, head of the technical innovation, environmental and site policy at the Industrie – und Handelskammer Potsdam, as well as by Wolfgang Zithier, Managing Director of the Handwerkskammer Frankfurt / Oder information and communications of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, technology and women, and by Dr. Manfred by Ingrid Walther, head of unit for media. Under from Berlin and Brandenburg, podcast.de as single, pure Internet company for its innovative website the six prize winners won an award in silver. The prize winners received in addition to a trophy and a certificate of commendation prizes which were provided by the winners of the previous year. About podcast.de: The Internet portal podcast.de is the great Web site on the topic of podcasting in the German-speaking area.

In the directory, the visitor will find over 500,000 listening posts and videos from 5,500 sources. Thanks to the podcast.de search engine and the editorially assorted catalogue, podcasts are easy to find. The podcast charts arise due to the reviews and comments of the community with 23,000 registered members. Many posts can be played online using the specially developed podcast player. In the protected area maintain the members your subscribed podcasts online and have access to it so all over the world. From the episodes can be manually using playlists (mix lists) or automated (car list) a program according to individual preferences put together. The program can be loaded into the podcast player and continuously played, or exported.

Business Administration MBA

Search job board for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sport and health in the free job board of DHfPG and the BSA-Akademie can farms and facilities for prospective students for a dual degree program as well as to finished”bachelor’s or master’s students. Interested businesses, such as operators of fitness and health facilities, have the opportunity to integrate their own company profile, where can they present many potential prospects and thus good students winning for their operation in the job market. This additional information facilitate the decision for an application just for this company the students: there is for example already students and/or graduates in operation? Be taken over tuition fees and additional training or company training? Such information can be important arguments for the decision to operate, because the students so know what expertise he acquired during his studies. Conversely, can be Let the interested record with a short description of the person in the job market. Here, for example, the note why you want to qualify for the fitness area and exists if previous experience in this field of activity is helpful. Another advantage is the new service jobs by email,”about the obtained information about suitable vacancies. Employers learn more about the service advertisements by mail”by matching candidate profiles. There are also numerous application tips including FAQs and information on the behavior for job interviews or to the personnel search available on the new job portal.

Career service”in Iliad In the career service located in the public area of the Iliad a forum, where by the career service” the College selected job offers are published. This offer is aimed primarily at graduates and students of the College. Job offers can be found here: now is in addition a login area of available, about the time their own Job ads or profiles can be edited. The job exchange, see studied at the German University of prevention and health management DHfPG to qualify the students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness, and health. “The Bachelor degree programmes: sports economics, fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close with the degree Bachelor of Arts” from.

In addition is a master in the course of prevention and health management”and a master of Business Administration MBA course sports / health management” offered a correspondence course with attendance phases connect. In addition, there are College continuing education, with which professionals in selected subject areas can acquire practical knowledge. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. Now already more than 4,000 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of July 2013) study at the University. The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, a registration for the master’s in for summer – / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and State-approved.

Nutritional Supplements

LASTIN sport – nutritional supplements and sports drink for joints and muscles LASTIN sport is the ideal sports drink for athletes and people who want to secure the joy of exercise long term and are looking for the perfect sports nutrition or supplementation with the right nutrients for healthy joints and powerful muscles! Movement is basically good for joint health. Only with regular exercise the joints supplied enough nutrients, they need to stay healthy and productive. LASTIN sports, the sports drink from the House of ATRO ProVita, is enriched with the highly effective joint collar FORT HEDGEHOGS, as well as an extra magnesium and thus the perfect supplement for your joints and muscles. Are valuable ingredients for a high-quality supplements a sporty active person? Pay attention to your health, a healthy diet and your joints? Already upon joint problems or to measures to increase the Take the joint force? Then is the sports drink polka LASTIN sport the right choice for you. With only a glass daily you can strong at the same time your joints by the ingredient FORT HEDGEHOG and the muscles thanks to 300 mg magnesium strengthen – and achieve stunning success, athletic and health! PROGRAM on sports, the sports drink for joints and muscles, a look: specially developed for athletes the joints strengthens strained cartilage with vitamin C supports and promotes FORT HEDGEHOG mobility keeps the muscles ready for use thanks to 300 mg magnesium prevents muscle cramps sports drink ready to drink after lime tastes from fruity fresh optimal dietary supplement new online presence for the sports drink polka LASTIN sports immediately can you learn sports on the Web page gelastin-sport.de via the high-quality dietary supplement program designed specifically for the sports drink. The site is aimed at sportingly active people whom your health and fitness in the long term is the heart. You will find not only information about the product in the Advisor, there are all sorts of interesting content on the subjects of nutrition, exercise, sports and healthy joints. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Gunnar Peterson.

New Holiday Concept

From 1,-euro online auction travel wellness in a luxurious spa or a week a weekend walking in the Eifel, a couple of days all inclusive Turkey from a euro. With this fresh approach to the travel market, the new online portal is now at the start. Every traveller can there offers of various tour operators offer and with any luck make a real bargain. The principle is very simple. Visitors to the site create a free profile (register), with which you can log on the page. Profile anyone can bid their own on the available trips. For their respective usage, the bidder will receive a confirmation email.

Who has issued the highest bid at the end of the auction, awarded the contract for the journey. Every offer is different, but with a little luck is to have an attractive travel for small amounts”, says Kim Vermeulen, who along with her partner Daan company Dokter Reisenersteigern.de heads. Contact information is here: Center for Environmental Health. Travel auctions already have much success in the Netherlands. Now, the two Dutch entrepreneurs want to conquer also Germany with its offer. “The travel provider according to Reisenersteigern.de will also benefit from the new online service: we assume that many of the advertised travel for example about vouchers be made”, says Vermeulen. Thus, it becomes easier to allocate free capacity or attract new customers on a nationwide online platform in the future for the travel provider.

Customers can check conveniently from home on the best and cheapest travel deals. But also a special thrill is to provide, on a trip”, as Vermeulen: many customers enjoy it spontaneously for little money to travel, which she had taken into consideration a few days before not even a location. You can just surprise yourself.” The comfort will be so great for both travel agents and travelers as possible. Reisenersteigern.de is financed through a low Processing fee of less than five euros, which carries the traveler. The travel contract is concluded directly between the user and the provider of the travel. We also offer the possibility to sell travel or similar offers, and free for your company to advertise the travel providers. Reisenersteigern.de offers you a complete service. By creating your personal offering to the processing of payment transactions. And contrary to a very minimal fee for each successful auction. Vermeulen and Dokter are curious to see how the Germans react to the online auction. We are even passionate travel enthusiasts,”says Vermeulen. Now she hope that your online – platform the German holiday-makers put in passion. You can follow Reisenersteigern.de on Twitter and Facebook. Regularly spectacular offers or great promotions are displayed here. Follow us at: pages/ReisenErsteigern/180291685350823 twitter.com/Reisenab1EUR

Beukelaer GmbH

The new light & CROSS-Web site of our customer Felipe – de Beukelaer is as airy as the delicious crunchy bread itself. The page is designed as a one-pager, impresses with the compact and at the same time airy appearance. Through the use of javascript can be all content centrally on one side place and can be accessed by scrolling or by jumping over the menu. Also the product carousel was fully implemented in javascript and does not require Flash. The use of large type, supported by Webfont, also stands out the look of the classic HTML page. We find the new page just refreshing and crisp. Refined recipes around the are in the category fit & active”there are fitness tips for gourmet, recipe ideas” light & CROSS range.

Who gets enough of the crispy pleasure: each mouse click on the page is stored with the distinctive sound of the crunch. The light & crispy bread CROSS in the types of rye, wheat, organic three grain, vital vitamins & more grain, as well as the new whole grain version is ideal for gourmet, the value put on a conscious way of life and pay attention to varied diet. Customer: Felipe – de Beukelaer GmbH & co. KG link: power movement Agency for digital brand management: the movement is a creative Web design agency with a focus on interactive worlds in the form of fire, promotional sites and apps for mobile devices and social networks. Our goal is to make interactive brands for each target group and to anchor it emotionally in the world of the users about the experience.

Network movement serves well-known brands and companies such as Felipe – de Beukelaer, Haribo, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Perwoll, white giant, BREF, Capri Sun, Birkel, bear brand and eagle owl. The Agency was founded 2000 40 permanent employees.