Blood Pressure

Conditions of measurement before the measurement of blood pressure need to rest for at least 5 minutes. At least 30 minutes before blood pressure measurements should from smoking and caffeine (coffee, cola, tea). In measuring time to sit, leaning back in his chair, and the fixed arm should lie comfortably on the table. You should not talk during the measurement. Cuff should be wrapped around the forearm with the center of an inflatable bag directly over the brachial artery and the lower edge of the cuff should be about 2-3 cm above the elbow. An inflatable bag cuff must be at heart level during measurement.

Leg measurement should not be crossed. Your feet should be on floor. Bladder before measuring blood pressure must be drained. Shoulder should not constrict clothing (especially unacceptable measurement through clothes). Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to an overestimation arterial pressure: after taking the coffee – 11 / 5 mm Hg. Art.

alcohol – 8 / 8 mm Hg. Art. smoking – 6 / 5 mm Hg. Art. in a crowded bladder – to 15/10 mm Hg. Art. In places without backrest – systolic by 6-10 mm Hg. Art. In places without support for the hands – 7 / 11 mm Hg. Art. What better use of tonometers for home blood pressure measurement has several types of devices that are available on the market: the auscultatory method: mercury devices, aneroid ('Dial') and e ('hybrid') device for measuring blood pressure are used simultaneously with a stethoscope.

System Health

Any doubt that does not fit to us our System of health must be improved because at the moment suffers of so many faults that in which yes he hit upon the government went when trying to avoid his collapse, although is by the little orthodox route of the emergencia. Indeed, our System him bet to the utilities at the cost of terrible wages of the paramedical doctors and, paid by cooperatives or companies of personnel provision that discount by the right a high percentage to him of their entrance.

The reduction of the medical ethics is evident because the professionals of the health no longer can diagnose what science has taught to them but what is allowed to them, no longer they can spend to the patient the time that advises to its specialized knowledge but the standards implanted by theories of high productivity, no longer can formulate what they learned exclusively in the university but what says the administrative directive on the matter, all the previous one in decline indeed of the public health. The flaming private companies called EPS (15 in the country that compete now successful by to enter the listing of the best and more profitable companies of Latin America) they impose inflexible procedures, not even comparable red tape with the public sector, decisions that they look for at all costs to avoid the attention to the patient, the remission to the specialists and the adapted medecine provision, all of which culminating, in not few occasions, in which today it is known like the stroll of the death. The previous thing not to speak of the scandalous number of diseases noncovered in the POS (Obligatory Plan of Health) that it forces to that people have virtually to attack the system with an exaggerated number of demands of trusteeship to obtain what would have to be so easy..

Jogging For Health

Jogging is a form of leisure sports, the endurance and physical strength of the body to increase, strengthens the cardiovascular system and thus prevent disease. In order to be able to jog without pain, you should consult their doctor before beginning the training, to see if it is suitable for running training at all. This is especially important when a sport was driven previously. The doctor has expressed no reservations can be started with the training. First, the equipment essential. A matching shoe is initially the most important thing. Not just the shoe size but also the joint support and cushioning quality should be suitable. These properties are optimized for a personal consultation for you. In some stores will run on this treadmill analysis, no one must, but not unimportant is the right clothing. There are, for example, functional underwear, which will be of comfort. Ordinary clothing made of cotton but also fulfills its purpose and absorbs the sweat, but it starts quickly on the skin. gluing Also not a requirement, but is a useful heart rate monitor. With their help, we can estimate the physical workload. So now it is properly equipped for the training, one begins with the so-called interval training. This one starts with only a few minutes to run and then go some time. Suitable for this purpose would be two minutes walk and walk for a minute. Depending on the load, the interval is repeated several times. It should be painfully close attention to the fact that his body is not overtaxed. Over time, the intervals can be increased. With increasing training will reflect the terms longer and shorter walking times. The first goal is to run 30 minutes long to be. Make sure that you could easily carry a conversation while running, this is not possible, you run too fast. Also important for a successful training course is that you train at least two times per week, but we should also at least two recovery days, or when problems started even more. Insert


Cerebral form of atherosclerosis and hypertension, are the most frequent causes of disorders of cerebral circulation in adults, very rarely seen in children include disease causing violations cerebral blood flow in childhood, in the first place are diseases of the blood of intra-and post-natal cranio-cerebral trauma, an infectious-allergic vasculitis, congenital anomalies of cerebral vessels. Violations circulation caused by occlusion of the lumen of the vessel due to thrombosis or embolism, decreased blood flow due to narrowing the inflection, constriction or spasm of the vessel, rupture of the vascular wall, increasing its pronitsaemosti. lumen can occur acutely, such as embolism, or develop gradually, passing through stages of increasing narrowing of the lumen (blood clot formation, compression of the tumor proliferative inflammation in the vascular wall, etc.). Rupture the vessel wall observed in cases of cranial trauma, hemorrhagic diathesis, aneurysms, vascular tumors. Increased permeability of the vascular wall in the main caused by inflammatory or trophic changes in blood vessels, certain blood diseases. In clinical practice, these forms of cerebral vascular lesions are rarely act in isolation.

For example, the restriction lumen accompanied by an increased permeability of its walls. Cerebral circulatory disorders developed acute apoplektiformno, accompanied by a profound disturbance of consciousness. Focal cerebral symptoms in coma may be significantly efface. In connection with this examination of the patient and diagnosis of disease in a comatose state have specific features. Much attention should be paid to the differential diagnosis of cerebral coma and ekstratserebralnoy.Termin “coma” (“ball” in Greek means a deep sleep) in the modern sense means a state characterized by lack or loss of consciousness and sensitivity of the sharp decrease or complete absence of patient responses to external stimuli. The unconscious patient’s condition requires a doctor for urgent action.