The Membrane

Device that operates on this principle – “stimulant energy metabolism” – dual-chamber bath limbs invented and patented. Man is comprised of 70% water. Its fabric is a kind of “living the electrolyte. If we include the body in a special way as the electrolyte in the chain of classical galvanic cell, is released into the environment (External e-mail. Chain) of bioelectric potentials. External source of current is absent, which fundamentally distinguishes the device from various types electrostimulator. The artificially created a small leak amount of energy the body reacts to the increase in its production due to strengthening mechanisms for restoring the membrane potential and the growing activity of the “power station” of the cell – mitochondria (MCh).

If we thus take area of hand or foot, which are integral reflexogenic zones, which show all the organs and systems, the reflex is activated energy metabolism of the organism as a whole. Regularly held procedure gradually raise the overall energy level and eliminate the energy deficit. Since bath limbs eliminates energy deficit, it must have a rejuvenating effect on organism. And indeed, as a result of regular procedures observed decrease in biological age, measured by the method of the Institute of Gerontology ams of Ukraine. harmless, because no external power supply. Generated currents are at their own bioelectric potentials (currents, used in physiotherapy, a hundred times bigger). Number of released energy is very small, but the cells of all organs through reflex zones of feet as it were, get the alarm – “Attention! Is leakage of energy! “.

Workplace Filter

The use of three-, four-treatment, of course, produces a great effect. These air purifiers are an order of magnitude greater. We should also mention the emergence of a new air purification technology – photocatalytic filter. This type of filter consists of a foamed titanium or aluminum plate that is exposed to ultraviolet radiation in a special way. To date, the photocatalytic filter – the most effective filter for air purification. If your financial opportunities allow, we recommend that you purchase units with this type of filter. This filter is suitable for home or office, which stands in an area where factories and cars pollute the air too much, and, of course, in the workplace.

Also do not forget that this device works is not silent, and the greater the processing speed of air, the louder it works, many buyers do not take this into account and make a mistake. Many of today's air purifiers have several modes, including fan. Often people opt for the least noisy machine. It should be mind that the silent machines tend to have low productivity and deep cleaning of air, since the effective air cleaning is necessary circulation of air through the purifying filter, which creates an easy Noise of air flow. A number of modern devices have the function of "night mode". When operating in this mode, the cleaner produces minimal noise, which does not prevent you from falling asleep. We recommend that you purchase air purifiers from availability of options "night mode". Management apparatus by using a remote control, it is very convenient, since often the unit is installed high on a wall or ceiling.

Healthcare Marketing

MARKETING IN HEALTH: QUALITY ATTENDANCE the attentions of a professional of the health must be concentrated in equal ratio to the customers and the collaborating employees/. Excellent collaborators, trained well work satisfied e, with this, become more productive. The marketing is of basic importance it health team auxiliary. Small attitudes in the attendance as some ' ' palavrinhas mgicas' ' they must be used for the attendance team so that the patients perceive excellency in the quality of the attendance. They are: ' ' much obrigado' ' ; ' ' me desculpe' ' ; ' ' she leaves with me that I will solve this problema' ' , among others. In excellency in the attendance of customers the words ' ' not posso' ' ; ' ' not of certo' ' ; ' ' not consigo' ' ; ' ' it binds depois' ' ; ' ' minutinho&#039 waits one; ' ; among others, they do not add value to the attendance and they cause one me in such a way the impression to the patient that it leaves to indicate the given service. To speak of a smiling form, exactly that to telephone, likeable being, showing interest in the patient are also an efficient way of if communicating. Research shows that about 93% of our communication it is not verbal, that is, the communication can occur simply with a look, a smile or by means of a gesture.

What we speak exerts little impact on the patient. The team auxiliary must have as main part of its behavior the proactive attitude. Proactive attitude is if to anticipate to the problems and to program solutions for these probable problems. The services given in the area of the health are non-separable of the people give who them. Moreover, the customers with frequency ' ' compram' ' people and them services, therefore are not basic that the professional of the health gives attention to the quality in the attendance.

Student Health Insurance

More and more students get the opportunity to study abroad. One easily forgets that this period also a health insurance in their host countries is needed. It should be noted that for the health insurance provided by the host countries often have special needs are already at the entry. Basically, who is insured as a law student in Germany, enjoys in countries with which a social security agreement, insurance cover. However, it should also in this case, additional private health insurance will be used here because the services offered in other countries for social insurance are available which can differ greatly from the services in Germany. Extrapolating from a doctor privately, contrary to the expectation of the performance, the student remains seated on the costs of medical services. At study visits in countries without a social security agreement, the student must, in addition to his private legal insurance within the country for abroadhealth insurance. During the stay must be paid contributions for both the statutory and the private health insurance. Although the liability insurance makes it possible to maintain for longer stays abroad, only a defined benefit at home, at an early return, but then there is no insurance cover in Germany! The policy for foreign countries should include the 100% owned reimbursement of expenses for the following cases: * for outpatient treatment, including medicines. * In-patient treatment. * For dental analgesic treatment and repairs to dentures * for the necessary medical repatriation. * It should also be included a transfer fee for death and birth. Insurers who waive health insurance at the completion of a health check, usually have limitations in the power sector. This must be clarified in advance essential. In particular students should be aware of limitations whenthey suffer from diabetes or severe allergies. For it is granted at all is often not covered. Students who have private health insurance, you must resolve before the trip with their insurer if there is to what extent and for what period of protection in the desired country of study. You may also privately insured with sickness students should be in addition (or in another rate their health insurance). A switch to a different private health insurers only in an extra fare is not possible. The cost of outpatient treatment abroad must first be taken even with insurance. They are replaced after submission of medical bills by insurance. For inpatient stays, the insurer shall immediately, in conjunction with the facilities and settles directly. Often the host countries also require certain protections for accidents. Such insurance can be achieved only through a private insurance, with worldwide recognition. It is particularly important that the safeguarding of recovery costs in theany amount demanded by the host country is included. Who is prepared for all eventualities can be quite safely concentrate on his studies abroad.