Workplace Filter

The use of three-, four-treatment, of course, produces a great effect. These air purifiers are an order of magnitude greater. We should also mention the emergence of a new air purification technology – photocatalytic filter. This type of filter consists of a foamed titanium or aluminum plate that is exposed to ultraviolet radiation in a special way. To date, the photocatalytic filter – the most effective filter for air purification. If your financial opportunities allow, we recommend that you purchase units with this type of filter. This filter is suitable for home or office, which stands in an area where factories and cars pollute the air too much, and, of course, in the workplace.

Also do not forget that this device works is not silent, and the greater the processing speed of air, the louder it works, many buyers do not take this into account and make a mistake. Many of today's air purifiers have several modes, including fan. Often people opt for the least noisy machine. It should be mind that the silent machines tend to have low productivity and deep cleaning of air, since the effective air cleaning is necessary circulation of air through the purifying filter, which creates an easy Noise of air flow. A number of modern devices have the function of "night mode". When operating in this mode, the cleaner produces minimal noise, which does not prevent you from falling asleep. We recommend that you purchase air purifiers from availability of options "night mode". Management apparatus by using a remote control, it is very convenient, since often the unit is installed high on a wall or ceiling.