Apple IPod Dominated The End Of The Year In The Field Of Online Shopping

In a timely manner to the end of the year, and therefore time for the annual Christmas boom Apple has its new iPod series brand new iPod touch and the revised versions of the iPod nano and iPod classic as well as the first Apple mobile phone: the iPhone, released also in Germany! Already, Christmas 2006 was the Apple iPod the most popular product at the shopping and price comparison site Also on other leading shopping include portals such as Amazon, in addition to other consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, navigation systems or LCD – and plasma screen TVs, consistently the most sought after and most wanted Christmas gifts. In addition to Cubalaya many online shopping experts assume that Apple but this time will take a position – iPhone – in the Christmas business this year the pole with the Apple. Also with the time identical publication of polished up bestsellers of iPod series together with the new and stylish iPod touch, the company did a wise move in the direction of Christmas boom. However, Apple is not the race fashion alone. So is being discussed in many places, if the exclusive contract with the German network operator T-Mobile could have negative impact on sales. Also, Apple is in a fierce competition with other companies. So the mobile phone maker Nokia plans to the sales start for the sophisticated and stylish Nokia N81, as the first device in the new N-series may already this year.

\”As in any year there is again some unexpected last minute trends\” type. But also in the important Christmas business category toy looks it, than transformer characters, which enjoy great popularity through the cinema Strip published this year, would, as expected, quite high especially in boys in the trend. On the wish lists of girls dolls or the classic Barbie are Zapf’s BABY born at the top.

Online Trading

The times in which you waited in the shop customers, instead of goods has gone \”Trading in the change\” parallel for sale. The YES system is the complete solution for your trade YES is business software that covers all areas of your company as a complete solution. The system is fully integrated and automatically takes over various tasks as a result. Due to the system-wide logging, never lose control and can at any time all operations follow on the basis of the different histories,-> who, when, how did. YES is constantly in direct cooperation with our customers. Each customer is also a development partner. YES has originally been developed for trading on the Internet for the settlement and the mass mailing of several hundred posts a day, covers but now at the same time as the retail and wholesale parallel from a system. YES allows one alone and also companies with dozens users across multiple sales channels at the same time to offer at the same time its goods to act.

Automatisms and the structure of the system, the orientation of the business processes work on the lowest own personal use are limited without losing control. Agri consulting offers the software with the YES system, which allows each retailer to operate an own online trading parallel to the stationary trade, without this large investments to make and therefore risks having to enter. \”The integration is the key\”, your retail becomes part of your total trade. The software maps out of a single base your retail, wholesale and online trading. Where online trading is the widest area of trade. Each YES system includes an own WebShop (customizable according to their own ideas). The \”own WebShop\” is in addition to the stationary trade as part of the overall system and also central medium for the entire online trading. The direct integration of marketplaces like eBay and Amazon (also-more possible), it allows to offer yourself and your products at the same time in different places.

Werbeagentur AG

ZDie QR code now also hold in the music industry. Zurich, January 30, 2008 – QR codes appear more and more often lately and are discovered by more and more industries. The so-called mobile tagging with QR codes is already firmly established in Asia and enjoys a high level of acceptance. Luxury cosmetic product, car manufacturers or concert Organizer, simple linking to the mobile Internet is trend and brings major added value to consumers. Now the QR codes hold also in the European music market. As a second volume in Europe now has the Swiss Irish-music band ‘Inish’ for a ‘ verlinktes’ CD cover of the album “Jewels of the Ocean” decided. The QR code is itself printed on the CD cover and CD. Is scanned the code with the phone, you will reach directly the extra custom mobile Web page.

There are various options to choose from on the mobile Web page: as wallpaper, tour dates and sound samples can be downloaded along with info about the band. The main objective of the campaign was to open especially an additional distribution channel. So can a form for ordering the CD be selected on the mobile Web page with one click. According to Mike Gorsatt of “Inish” the band will print the code on other advertising and merchandise. “The code works like a walking offline web banner”, so Mike Gorsatt. Someone can scan for example, the code on the T-Shirt of his counterpart and immediately listen to the CD. The mobile unit of Zurich advertising agency transformer is responsible for the action. The transformer mobile lab has implemented inter alia QR-code concepts for SBB regional traffic Zurich (November 15, 2007 press release).

Stephanie Lehmann

We pride ourselves on our certification and approval as one of the first private DIN certified financial planners in Germany at all.”said Stephanie Lehmann. According to DIN ISO 22222 has been created with the certification of a consumer-side reputable and accepted platform, from which we can signal finally interested parties that they are in the best hands with us. Our customers already know that Yes.” DIN CERTCO certification company of DIN Deutsches Institut fur Normung e.V. enjoy high reputation due to their independence, neutrality, competence and many years of experience in the country and abroad. The DIN CERTCO have the financial planning standards Board (FPSB short, Germany) Germany as a partner chosen for conducting the certification tests by private financial planners to DIN ISO 22222. The members of the Union in the FPSB Germany are certified financial planner.

This designation stood for the highest quality of advice in the German market. The CFP is an international trademark for the elite of the private financial planner, of which there are approximately 105,000 in the 20 leading economies. In Germany, the Federation was currently just over 1,000 members. Ulf Niklas explains: the introduction of the DIN certification time practically coincides with the introduction of MIFID 1 November 2007. “So the market is currently undergoing an extremely strong in favour of consumers. It is important that these positive changes would but also adequately perceived by the customers. Therefore, it is currently very busy. The Nebenberufler, who call themselves financial advisers so far and highly provisioned sell primarily in their own interest under this self-imposed title could, has more future finally no chance.

“Financial advisers and financial planners with the CFP qualification label and DIN certified financial planners ‘ take the new strict rules which are considered according to the EU directive MiFID in Germany as well, therefore welcome exclusion of unqualified advisers.” An exciting topic is in this context also required within the framework of the introduction of MiFID permission for the operation of financial services operations according to 32 KWG. Who do not own permit, must be under a so-called liability umbrella ‘ go on. Stephanie Lehmann explains: for us, this is no alternative – because the company which offers the MiFID, will of course certain expectations on the safe. But not paragraph-specific expectations may be our opinion. Otherwise a part of the upcoming changes in the interests of consumer protection will be wiped out again.” It remains still interesting at the end of the year.

Werbeagentur AG

Zurich, SBB regional traffic Zurich deploys mobile tagging for the timetable: via QR code the SBB timetable directly on the phone. The mobile phone as always on “medium is gaining rapidly attention. Above all services from the mobile Internet used more recently by a wide target group. The services in various sectors are available for the phone for quite some time. Was only up to now access not simple enough. A new trend is to change this now: the mobile tagging with QR codes strongly gaining attention. For this reason, because you can see the potential of the codes good through the development in Japan, because there the pixel-like codes have long been everyday. Steve Vai is full of insight into the issues.

The flyer will be interactive in the means of communication for the timetable change 2008 regional traffic has now set the SBB Zurich in collaboration with the mobile lab of Zurich advertising agency transformer at each S-Bahn connections on QR codes. Whenever Darcy Stacom, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to advertisements and posters is a mailing to the households of the corresponding municipalities as a means of communication distributed. In the enclosed flyer, the receiver together with a detachable timetable is now also a QR code and a little guide for the ease of use of the corresponding QR code reader. The pictured QR codes now allow the customers to access with one click on a mobile Web page created specifically for the campaign. On their home page now has the choice between a direct online enquiry or a personal timetable.

At the option of the personal timetable, the customer has the option of going for the line of his choice to download a small application as a .jar file to the phone. The .jar (Java archive) file is automatically detected by the mobile and installed. The application once installed, accessible back at any time without an Internet connection. Transformer decided consciously in this project for the use of QR codes, because the contents of the mobile Web page can be changed at any time without having the printed code loses its validity. In an online “-application, as shown in this example, can be used in the” ongoing campaign at any time an adaptation or a supplement, such as, for example, a promotion, are integrated. The QR code but also offline “works. In other words, there are no connection costs for the users.